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In the process of family decoration, the choice of plate will not only affect the decoration style, but also affect the quality of decoration and even comfort. Plate selection should be combined with the decoration budget, design style, take care of the difficulty and characteristics of different materials, according to local conditions, the following Xiaobian take you to understand the common plate in the family decoration.
Gypsum board

Gypsum board is often used for roofing ceiling, molding structure, partition wall and so on. It is divided into decorative gypsum board, plasterboard, refractory plasterboard, water resistant plasterboard and sound-absorbing perforated gypsum board.

Gypsum boards of different types for different positions, ordinary gypsum board suitable for the special requirements of the site, such as indoor ceiling, and waterproof plaster board because of its core board and protective paper is waterproof, so try to humidity higher places, such as bathrooms etc..
Two. Blockboard

Blockboard are also known as “big core board”, “wood core board”, often used in partitions, partitions, doors and windows sets, curtains boxes, furniture production. The utility model has the advantages of difficult deformation and adhesion, high strength, sound absorption and heat insulation, convenient construction and wide application.

But Blockboard are not waterproof, moisture-proof, poor in the kitchen, bathrooms and other relatively humid space should be avoided. There are many materials in the inner core of blockboard, among which poplar and birch are the best.
Three plywood

Often used for decorative plywood base structure, fixed decorative parts, is a kind of veneer, veneer by adhesive glued into three or three layers above the plate, according to the water resistance and durability of the adhesive layer can be divided into one to four types of plywood.

Four, wood veneer

Also known as decorative panels, often used in surface decoration, is a kind of plywood. Wood veneer panel has many attractive features such as beautiful pattern, good decoration, strong sense of reality and outstanding stereoscopic feeling. It is a kind of decorative surface material commonly used in interior decoration.

Five, fiber board

Also known as density board, often used in decorative structures and furniture production, less water absorption, deformation is not easy, and has good antibacterial properties. Most of the fiber boards used in home decoration are medium density fiberboard. They are of uniform structure and smooth surface, and can be treated with a variety of finishes.

Six Particleboard

Particleboard raw materials from wood or wood processing residues, its surface is smooth, easy to cover pollution resistant, not only has good sound absorption performance, and insulation, mechanical processing low cost and environmental protection coefficient is relatively high, commonly used in the decoration and furniture manufacture.

Seven. Fireproof board

Also known as refractory board, its substrate is particleboard. The fireproof board has stable performance, has the characteristics of abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, high temperature resistance, impact resistance, pollution resistance, water resistance, etc. the utility model has the advantages of wide use and flexibility, such as mesa, furniture surface, stair step, etc..

Eight, aluminum plate

Also known as aluminum-plastic composite panels, often used in wall decoration, kitchen ceiling, etc., with excellent fire resistance, high temperature resistance, impact resistance, high safety factor, and a variety of colors, optional strong.

Nine, PVC board

Also known as plastic buckle, used for waterproof requirements of the kitchen ceiling is not high, with heat insulation, flame retardant, moisture-proof, insulation features, due to light weight, easy construction. Yi Qingxi, mildew change, and very decorative, can be described as high quality and low price.

Ten 、 aluminum pinch plate

Also known as the metal pinch plate, commonly used in kitchen and ceiling, after multi-channel processing, texture and decoration and other aspects are better than plastic gusset plate. The utility model has the advantages of durability, not easy deformation, easy cracking, and has the characteristics of fire prevention, moisture resistance, antisepsis, antistatic, sound absorption and sound insulation.

The kitchen ceiling plate

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