Decoration Raiders home heating tile or wood flooring good 0?

As the weather becomes more and more cold, heating problems become hot, many people are asking, if the installation of floor heating, it is good tiling or wood flooring? Here we will introduce: floor tiles or wood floors good?.

Is the floor tile good or the wood floor good?:

Decoration effect: wooden floor decoration effect is relatively soft

Floor tiles: floor tiles can be suitable for many styles of decoration, such as European style garden style, the use of antique floor tiles, the effect is very good, light colored tiles can also be a good foil to the modern fashion style of decoration. But because the floor tile material is more stiff, so the gloss of speaking, a little less and less than that of the wood floor.

Solid wood flooring: the current trend of decoration, the choice of solid wood floor of the proportion of households are indeed quite a lot. Because the solid wood floor is a natural board, the texture is natural and varied, and the colors are more varied depending on the choice of wood. After paving the effect can be modern fashion, but also dignified and elegant.

Solid wood composite flooring: as the production of materials is also derived from natural wood, so solid wood composite flooring and solid wood flooring out of the effect is not very different. And solid wood flooring color is not rigidly adhere to the original wood color, you can choose according to the larger.

Cleaning and maintenance: tiles are relatively hard to maintain

Floor tile: Although the daily cleaning is relatively convenient, you can use clean water and detergent, for example, with detergent, soap, water and other cleaning. But tiles are prone to cracks, as long as there is a piece of damage, you need to replace all.

Solid wood flooring: after laying, it is best to timely waxing. Do not use a lot of water when cleaning, use semi dry mop. In the usual use of the process, every 3 months waxing once. Need to avoid acidic, alkaline liquid, avoid sharp objects scratched the ground, etc., do not throw cigarette butts on the floor or directly put too hot things, try to avoid dragging heavy furniture.

Solid wood composite floor: in addition to most maintenance methods similar to solid wood flooring, paving a solid wood composite floor of the house, more often need to open the window, ventilation frequently. Prevents the hair from sticking on the floor for a long time indoors.

Heating installation notice:

1: be sure to have professional training ground construction team. “ three points floor, seven points installed ” amateur decoration team paved the effect is self-evident.

2: pavement heating system must be checked before sealing.

3: the ground must be dry (through the experimental phenomena of judgment), the moisture content of cement floor should be preferably less than 1.5%; the indoor humidity is too large, regardless of whether there is a geothermal heating, environmental humidity before and after installation to 60 degrees.

4: the construction of the ground is strictly prohibited nailing. After the completion of construction, the ground is the same, prohibit nailing, to prevent damage to heating coil.

5: laying the strengthening of the floor, should be laying EPE composite membrane (EPE composite film must be marked with warm radiation special words), isolated moisture, so that moisture from the surrounding baseboard release.

6: keel shall not be laid. The small thermal conductivity of the air will affect the heat dissipation effect and possibly destroy the tubing.

7: floors must be paved with dedicated heating, increasing the use of time and effect, but also the basic need to worry about the distribution of harmful gases.

8: floor and walls for expansion joints, and the use of thicker than it is now the general floor skirting board.

9: pavement and installation of skirting board should be divided into two construction. 48 hours after the laying of the floor, the glue should be completely dry. Remove the fastener and then make the skirting board.

10: after 24 hours of installation, the floor can be heated.

Editor’s summary: good floor tiles or wood floors, introduced here, hope to help you, more information, please pay attention to qijia.

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