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Ceiling in the use of home decoration is very common, the general refers to the ceiling of residential housing environment decoration, that is, ceiling decoration, is an important part of home decoration. However, the installation of the ceiling should pay attention to the high storey of the house. If the floor height is very low, or even less than 2.5 meters, then it should not be a large area suspended ceiling, but it can be suspended in a small part of the ceiling. The following small decoration for everyone introduced misunderstanding ceiling.

Decoration ceiling misunderstanding

1, do not let the material price blind your eyes

Ceiling is generally divided into metal and gypsum points, the general living room selection of gypsum board ceiling most, in our bathroom between the need to choose metal ceiling. Although the same ceiling, but there are obvious differences in prices, some people blindly pursue high prices of materials, will lead directly to the wrong selection.

For the metal ceiling, the purity of the aluminum on the board is different from the process on the surface, and the price is quite different. The best gusset is imported LG coated board, no color difference, 30 years without color. The worst is the spray plate, easy to smoke fumes, toxic, variable color.

2, metal ceiling are environmentally friendly

Do not think that only the release of formaldehyde materials exist environmental problems, many people believe that metal materials are more environmentally friendly, invisible also cause more harm to us.

3, only concerned about the thickness of the plate

In the selection of metal ceiling, some people think that the more thick, the better the quality of plate, in fact, the thickness of the plate does not necessarily mean quality is the best, too thick, but will affect the appearance and durability of the ceiling.

4, the ceiling does not need to reserve the repair hole

Many consumers in the pursuit of perfection, ignore the maintenance day after, when installing a ceiling ceiling, forget to leave the service port, after inspection, repair wire becomes very easy.

5, ceiling installation unnecessary worry too much

The ceiling is a small part of the home, but we also need special attention, do not need to spend too much time, but you have to be very carefully, the details reflect the whole life, if not careful, after the ceiling is not strong, often leave the seeds for Home Furnishing.

6, many owners believe that the installation of ceiling will appear Jiezhuang tall

For different Huxing, ceiling can actually be optional, not optional, just like small Huxing, generally do not recommend the installation of ceiling, because the original Huxing will be more obvious repression.

7, excessive pursuit of individuality

Some people are installing a suspended ceiling, will design the uneven shape, uneven shape that will highlight their individuality, or the use of glass, mirror and other materials, it is usually difficult to clean, the ceiling has become the pollution to shelter evil people and countenance evil practices, indoor air environment. This is especially true in northern areas where sandstorms are heavy and dust is heavy.

8, the bigger the plate, the better

Some homeowners think, when buying plates, choose a little larger, so that less consumption, can save a lot of overhead, but the result of installation is not good, failed to make the ceiling should have effect.

Ceiling notice

1, reserved lamp trough good lighting, this is the ceiling of the most basic functions, all kinds of lamps and lanterns are hidden in the ceiling inside, form a reflective light source, to the room to create a warm effect.

2, pay attention to the ceiling of the buckle (if you want to do the ceiling), the ceiling material is very important, crooked material for a long time will be deformed. Also, when buying the gusset, ask the whole package price, not the gusset, and buy it at the corner.

3, if convenient, the restaurant can also arrange air fan, so eat hot pot or do barbecue, will not dirty hall house ceiling.

4, whether the ceiling level, in doing the ceiling should pay attention to. The worker will say “uneven”, not tight, later will use putty fill flat, don’t listen to him, let him immediately redo, putty fill “50px” will fall down.

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