Dealers dilemma, cabinet enterprise support efforts to be strengthened

Nowadays, the competition in the cabinet market is intense, and under the pressure of many, dealers have become “ the disadvantaged group ”. However, any business will face many unexpected difficulties, and if you give up halfway, it is obviously not the best way. Stand in the cabinet business position, the implementation of VIP strategy, increase the quality of the support of the dealers may be able to alleviate this situation.
The cabinet dealer is in many difficulties
The last two years, the cabinet industry, labor costs, raw materials prices continue to rise, labor shortage phenomenon also frequent, many outstanding technical staff after years of job hopping. With the rise of various items, leading to soaring prices of cabinets, consumers can not buy it, so lead to more people watching, and less orders, and some terminal dealers naturally can not eat.
In addition, in recent years, the development of the national real estate industry has been restricted by the state macro-control, resulting in slow growth of its downstream cabinet industry. Under these circumstances, many dealers may be worried about whether they can survive. Although in recent years, a variety of emerging sales channels continue to rise, dealers as a terminal operators Shop push hands, set up shop has become an important &ldquo survival; rely on ”. The store should also be “ the needs of the market, more and more ” more and more, store expansion time stop, resulting in rapid decline in unit sales, dealer profitability is a big problem.
Enterprise VIP strategy or accelerate dealer reshuffle
What is the &ldquo ” VIP strategy; strategy called “ VIP? ” is the factory in order to deal with the plight of the market this year, consolidate the terminal sales market share, specially selected a group of VIP customers, to cultivate, to give more support and funding support. This factory is not hard to understand, after all, so many dealers, factory limited strength, this time can only choose a maximum benefits, to keep the most favorable to the factory dealer groups, the other is alive. It also did not want to attend.
To have the opportunity to join the &ldquo VIP strategy; ” dealers, is undoubtedly a good thing, it can get more support from the factory there, have more chips to cope with the market crisis, however, can obtain VIP treatment after all few dealers. In turn, this means that another large group fails to participate in the “ VIP strategy ” dealers will face a more severe test.
Predictably, in the interests of all parties under the game, the dealer reshuffle will certainly be aggravated, in which small and medium dealers will be the most direct victims.

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