Daily maintenance of power supply in communication room

The power system of the communication room is the heart of the communication system. Communication power supply must be stable, reliable, safe operation, and the power supply must comply with the requirements of communication equipment, in order to ensure the stability of the network, communication flow. So how do we maintain our daily work? HUAWEI summed up a few points for everyone.

1) regular inspection of power equipment. Pay attention to the room temperature and equipment operation status, the use of power monitoring system, real-time monitoring of power supply equipment operating parameters, find the problem in a timely manner.

2) power patrol inspection content. Module configuration is reasonable; current limit value is correct, there is no alarm system; AC voltage, current, DC voltage, load current, battery charging of electric current, fan operation and lightning protection device status; the operating parameters monitoring module is correct; the temperature compensation is normal enabled; module current is less than 5%; battery insurance and connection of temperature rise; the battery is climbing acid, liquid leakage and bulge; room temperature.

3) use the power supply monitoring system to monitor the ups power equipment in real time, to understand the failure phenomenon, and to solve the problem of remote monitoring and control. When dealing with power supply equipment obstacles, we should first determine the cause of the power failure and the fault location, and then take the appropriate methods and measures to deal with power failure.

The above said communication room of the daily maintenance work, I hope it will help you, HUAWEI communication equipment room power supply system is very good, it can be for the wireless network core room, fixed core room, large gathering site, enterprise communication network core room, data center to provide stable and reliable power supply.

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