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Glass door bookcase, that is equipped with a glass door bookcase. The glass door bookcase mainly plays a dustproof role, and secondly, the whole bookcase is decorated, so that the bookcase is not so simple, and looks more beautiful and fashionable. The transparent effect is convenient to quickly find the target books without opening the cupboard door and enjoy the reading. Well, how to customize the glass door bookcase? What are the main points for custom-made glass door bookcase? Let’s take a look at it.

The main points of custom-made glass door bookcase

1 size. General books, small 32K, wide 12.5cm, high about 19cm; big 32K, width 14 go out, high 20cm; 16K, wide 19cm, high 26cm; even if the size of the largest hardcover 16 to see, wide leaves not more than 20cm, high not more than 27cm. But the finished glass door bookcase on the market is often larger than the class spacing, generally about 30cm. And the height of each floor is the same. If you put a small 32K book, it will empty the 16cm, the front to empty 17.5cm, and then put a copy, there are more space. This bookcase is large enough, but not much book. Therefore, if a lot of books, you can adjust the spacing according to the number of books in various formats, thickness. For example, the glass door bookcase, the next 2 layers of distance 35cm, thick 25cm, used to put 16K books; and above do grass-roots high 25cm, thick 18cm clapboard, used to put 32K books.

2, bearing. The weight of the book is very large, so the partition of the common glass door and bookcase is prone to bend and collapse. The partition of glass door bookcase should be made of MDF with high hardness, the length should not exceed 1 meters, and the middle should be added with support to increase bearing capacity. In this way, the whole can be firm and durable.

3, the inner wall. As the glass door bookcase wall and books large areas of contact, so should be handled. The method is good paste fireproof board, plywood and other man-made sheet or brush paint.

4, production process. In the choice of glass door bookcase, we should pay attention to whether the process is fine, this mainly depends on the front and back of the board. In general, a machine edge uniform and strong, and very smooth no rough feeling. Good quality glass door, bookcase, back panel will be installed trough, in order to ensure the stability of the glass door bookcase.

5, dustproof. Too many books, not often used, there will be a lot of dust on the books, glass doors, bookcases have come in handy. There are many kinds of glass doors, including decorative glass doors, safety glass doors, energy-saving glass doors and so on. Glass door bookcase generally choose decorative glass door, different colors, gloss, sense of good effect, rich in excellent decorative effect, while corrosion resistance, easy cleaning, erosion resistance and so on.

6, layout and collocation. The modern family structure is generally frame structure, there will be many more room and pillar, how to hide and how these pillars and their collocation, relates to the whole family layout is harmonious. So we must pay attention to custom bookcase glass doors and other furniture and family structure layout harmony, glass door bookcase only with family style, the whole family can play a role and function key. A single hue is boring.

The above about custom glass door and custom made glass door bookcase briefly introduced here, hope to help you. For more information, please stay tuned.

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