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Summer is so hot, have you ever thought of a new home change, so that the family a door, you can feel a refreshing sense of comfort? Of course, home decoration design has been completed, but does not need to go to war to change oh! As long as the use of some soft decoration, can let you change a mood of cool summer!

The first step: refuse crowded space

The first step to cool your clothes is to tidy your home first! Merge those scattered objects, put away the cumbersome furnishings, try to let your home empty, leaving at least half of the space left, so that people can feel the door open and transparent. All the furniture and decorations in the house should be in order, not to be complicated. It is too messy to make people feel crowded and irritable. It may have a warm feeling in winter, but in summer, it will make people look hotter and hotter. When placing furniture, try to follow the principle of symmetrical balance from high to low to avoid visual incongruity. Let the family even more things can be hierarchical.

In addition, to ensure indoor lighting and ventilation, indoor ventilation is also exquisite. Time window ventilation, make the air fresher, can also be more cool, but at noon if open doors and windows for ventilation, not only let the house cool, but also to allow more heat into the room, but just the opposite.

The second step: use more cool material

One summer, a variety of mat chair should play. Summer, although large pieces of furniture can not be changed, but you can replace some compact and lightweight small pieces, such as bamboo, Pu mat etc.. Can not replace the bulky can be paved on mats, mats, linen, put on a layer of cool clothes. In addition, you can also put on some glass furniture, so that the home more transparent, it seems that the whole house is more bright, can give summer irritability mood, a release of space.

The third step: change the curtain

General home should prepare two sets of curtains, a cold insulation, a hot, cool. In the summer, remove the heavy curtain, put on anti ultraviolet thin curtains! UV protection curtains can insulate the outside heat from outside, with remarkable results.

In addition. The color of the curtain also pay attention to the color of the curtains in summer should also keep up with the situation, a beige, light blue, green and other colors make people feel light and comfortable, visual feel brisk.

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