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Light wallboard is widely used in the field of building and home decoration because of its environmental protection, energy saving, convenient construction, fire protection, waterproof, sound insulation and so on. Light partition board construction process is divided into several kinds, according to different types of partition board, construction each have different. The following brief introduction of light weight partition construction technology and operation points.

Construction technology and operation of light partition wall

1, process flow

Material inspection → &rarr technology; clean up the base → line → fixed U plate &rarr card; &rarr row live installation verticality, flatness detection; → fixed GRC lightweight partition board → retest verticality and flatness → formwork pouring → → &rarr tied with caulking seams; &rarr plastering putty; → polishing → surface coating.

2. Prepare materials and construction tools

Before the construction, need to prepare GRC lightweight partition board supporting frame bench material and door and window materials, at the same time to prepare the construction tools, such as a temporary fixing fixture “ U” L” &ldquo type fixture; fixture for horizontal type, angle iron crowbar, woodworking saw, putty knife, wood etc..

According to the requirements of the drawings, the wall, the wall and the location of the doors and windows should be ejected on the wall and ceiling. And the office, corridor, hall room ceiling, so we need to partition height and position of davit lifting beam.

3, clean the construction work surface

In order to ensure the construction of GRC lightweight partition board can be carried out smoothly, should clean up the partition board mounting parts timely clean-up work, and the ceiling and walls as well as cylindrical convex block mortar and other debris removed, then rinse the upper part of the floating dust and sand, and dry, and then check the flatness of the parts of the building, to ensure the smooth surface the level of depression, more than 40mm parts should be leveling.

4, partition board positioning, elastic line

According to the construction drawings, to be installed in partition board, namely column side, floor, ceiling, soffit pop and GRC lightweight partition board, the thickness of the two parallel line, and mark the location of doors and windows, side line 100mm pop up a parallel to the wall of the third line and distance parallel lines on the ground as a check, the line of control in the inspection after the installation of partition board is in the right position.

5, platoon board, installation “ U” type aseismatic card

In “ U&rdquo type; seismic card installation, should first be typeset according to drawings and calculate the actual size, and the door and window openings and corner parts lack the whole plate width, according to the actual needs of the interception by hand saw, GRC lightweight partition board length according to the size of the floor height minus 20-30mm interception in layout finally, the installation of &ldquo at the end of the beam and ceiling line; U” seismic card type.

6 、 install GRC light partition board

When the lath is installed, the adhesive surface (top surface and side) is coated with a ready adhesive, all of which is smeared, and the sides are made with eight angles. Then, at the end of the end of the hanging beam, with the position of the installation line, the expansion screw is used to fit the “ U” the card is firmly fixed, and the opening is downward; “ U” the opening width of the card is 6cm of the thickness of the lath.

About lightweight partition construction technology related information, for everyone here, and I hope this article will help you. If you still have anything you don’t understand, you can pay attention to our family network. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

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