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Bathroom decoration is the focus of family decoration, such as not pay attention to, but also the most vulnerable places, on the bathroom floor, waterproof and so on, so the bathroom decoration materials selection is the focus of bathroom decoration. The bathroom decoration materials choice determines the quality of the bathroom renovation to a great extent, here I’ll provide some knowledge of bathroom decoration materials and decoration materials choose bathroom comprehensive methods, teach you quickly and easily fix the bathroom decoration materials.

What are the bathroom decoration materials?

1, bathroom walls and floor materials

The design of the bathroom is basically convenient, safe, easy to clean and beautiful. As the bathroom moisture is very heavy, interior decoration materials must be based on waterproof materials. The bathroom walls and floors are the largest, so choose both waterproof and anti corrosion and mildew resistant materials to ensure the indoor health, natural stone such as marble has a special texture, but different in a small bathroom can not play the effect.

In the selection of materials, the natural stone to do in the tiles, both beautiful and durable; large tile cleaning convenience, easy to keep dry; and the practical value of plastic floors, plus nails after the role of anti slip is more significant. At present, most of the families with non slip wear brick a variety of patterns and colors, and according to the size of the space, with a variety of specifications of the brick, roughly 300 mm × 300 mm, 200 mm × 300 mm and 200 mm &times 200 mm. Square or rectangular decorative wall tiles, with tiles, waistline, skirting line, increase the overall aesthetic. At the same time also can be used PVC buckle wallboard, simple and elegant, elegant lines.

2, bathroom ceiling materials

Bathroom ceiling can be based on different shapes, select a variety of materials, such as flat top, you can use PVC pinch plate, aluminum buckle plate, plastic aluminum plate, with light steel keel. And dome and other art ceiling can choose a soft waterproof board, soft board, plastic aluminum plate, or decorated with a variety of colored glass decoration.

3, bathroom color

In color matching, the bathroom color effect from the wall, ground materials, lighting and other components. The color of the bathroom is better with a clean sense of cool color. It should be suitable for similar colors and similar colors, such as light gray tiles, white bathtubs, milky white wash tables, and light yellow walls. Warm colors can also be clear and simple, such as white, ivory yellow or rose red wall, aided by similar color pattern, simple floor, in the soft, diffused light against the background, not only make the space vision, warmth doubled, and is more elegant and clean, refreshing yixin. Black with gold, representing mysterious and noble, plus marble, glass, mirror, through the light scattered little star, more glittering, extraordinary style. In addition, the bathroom bold use of black and white color super large, appear clear, concise and clean, green plants as embellishment, can add a lot of anger.

4, bathroom lighting and electrical appliances

Bathroom lighting, general lighting incandescent lamps should be selected, with a soft brightness is enough, but the mirror lights next to be independent for local lighting added mirror local lighting optional fluorescent lamp, in order to increase the warm, spacious and fresh feeling. In the choice of bathroom fixtures, a glass or plastic sealed luminaire with reliable water resistance and safety shall be used. In the form of lighting, according to their own interests and hobbies to choose, but should not be installed in too much, can not be too low, in order to avoid the burden or the occurrence of splash and collision accident.

At the same time, pay special attention to the ventilation and electrical appliances in the bathroom. Ventilation equipment can use the economic exhaust fan, equipped with water heater health, use to prevent gas leakage. In addition, the bathroom power switch, socket, must be placed outside the bathroom, to prevent leakage due to moisture, avoid accidents.

5, bathroom ware selection

Family bathrooms usually include toilets and bathrooms, which can be roughly divided into three parts: sanitary ware area, bath area and face wash area. There is a close connection between each region and a functional distinction.

The toilet should be selected to determine the bathroom drainage: or in the back row. If the row must be measured outfall to wall distance, according to the size of right to purchase, otherwise the toilet will not make the best use of. Followed by drainage performance, the performance of the toilet in flushing, water-saving, mute. Now people on the “ Chong net ” two, there are misconceptions about understanding, that the drainage of the toilet stool on it.

There are two main types of basin and column basin basin, there is no difference between the two in function, but there are differences in the form. Suitable for large Bay basin bathroom, look solemn atmosphere; Zhupen applicable to the compact layout of the bathroom, looks chic. The choice of bathtub tends to acrylic cylinder, because the acrylic profile is light, low thermal conductivity, easy to clean, feel good, the design is more in line with the body shape, but the price is higher than the steel cylinder.

The glaze is not only the face of the sanitary ware, but also the inner quality. The good ware has bright and clean glaze and even, strong acid and alkali resistance, low water absorption, no dirt and easy cleaning. It is the &ldquo of housewives. It favors &rdquo. It is the choice is to rely on your hands and the original vision. Sanitary ware style, color choice is entirely personal preferences, white health hospital clean and bright; black and white bathroom looks youthful; colorful bathroom prominent personality and style. And primitive simplicity, elegance, simplicity and avant-garde style are the new concepts of life, and life and personality are no longer the patents of living room and bedroom.

And sanitary ware supporting hardware selection to “ heavy goods, light appearance ” good leading adopt ceramic valve core, and combined shell durable, this kind of all blend into one harmonious whole, leading the choice by the handle, feel jerky to buy carefully, remember to buy to obtain the certificate of inspection and warranty.

Bathroom decoration materials selection skills and notes

1, bathroom floor attention to do waterproof, anti-skid

The floor materials for the bathroom should be made of non slip tiles with raised patterns, which are not only good waterproof, but not slippery even in the case of water. In the wall decoration, but also with tiles supporting wall tiles, so that bathroom decoration has overall effect, in addition, it is worth noting that, in the installation of toilets and other sanitary ware should be careful not to destroy the ground waterproof.

2, bathroom top moistureproof, cover up the most important

When decorating the top of the bathroom, it is better to use decorative materials with better waterproof properties. Suspended ceiling, it is recommended to use microporous aluminum pinch plate to strengthen ventilation and prevent condensation water. If you do gypsum board ceiling, should first brush waterproof putty, and then brush waterproof paint; aluminum plate ceiling is easy to produce condensation water and drip, choose carefully.

3, sanitary ware to economic and practical, concise and beautiful

There are many kinds of sanitary ware, and sanitary ware must be chosen to match the living room design. If the bathroom area is small, the water pressure is unstable, there is no need to choose a larger size massage bathtub. The location of the pipeline can sometimes affect the choice of sanitary ware.

4, bathroom circuit equipment to ensure safety

The bathroom is damp, so it is extremely careful to install electric lights and wires. Lamps and switches are best protected with safety, and joints and latches shall not be exposed.

5. Wooden materials should be avoided in the bathroom

Must use wooden material, should choose fire board, will do all mixed oil decoration, together to waterproof role. In the ceiling or other package decoration, hidden keel are required to play waterproof coatings or anti-corrosive paint.

Edit summary: the above is my today to introduce the bathroom decoration materials list and other content related knowledge, to do to toilet clean, bright, relaxed feeling, it is really not easy. For more information, please continue to focus on our website and the follow-up will present more exciting content.

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