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Glass door handle as an important part of the glass door, in the daily use of glass doors, the glass door handle is also the most vulnerable part of the damage. Then, what are the specifications of common glass door handle? The price of glass door handle is expensive Let’s take a look at it.

Specifications of common glass door handle

At present, the glass door handle specifications are different, therefore, in the choice of glass door handle, the most need to consider is the glass door handle specifications, followed by the selection of handle style. Glass door handle and glass door handle specifications if the opening distance are different, can not be installed, so the purchase must handle before the opening distance measuring glass door handle carefully, the glass door handle specifications on the market the most common are: length of 300 mm, 25 mm in diameter, pitch 200 mm the length of 450 mm, and 32 mm in diameter, hole spacing of 300 mm, 1200\/1600\/1800\/2000 mm in length and 38 mm in diameter, hole spacing 900\/1200\/1400\/1500 mm. In addition, there are more glass door handles in other markets, but many are uncommon in everyday life.

Glass door handle price

Glass door handle price impact of its size larger, then the glass door handle brand, so the purchase of the glass door handle the most important consideration is the size and brand, to meet these two conditions, the glass door handle shape can be selected with personal preferences.

LAN Island thickening glass door handle, stainless steel handle, wooden door handle 170 yuan

Easy Shop, frameless glass door handle, office semicircle aluminium alloy sliding door handle, front door armrest 168 yuan

Construction 304 stainless steel glass door handle door handle door handle simple KTV modern LS102215 yuan

Pulilong 160 single strip stainless steel glass door handle 25 yuan

Pulilong stainless steel glass door handle 65.00-150.00 yuan

Wolong glass door handle 68 yuan

Home beauty PH208 door handle 100 yuan

Xin Long Sheng SONOS glass door handle, stainless steel YT-2038 70 yuan

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