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In recent years, color plate because of its characteristics of light weight, heat insulation, high strength, bright color, flexible installation, short construction period, favored by the construction industry, has been widely used in large span workshop, warehouse, office building, roof and floor, shops and other temporary buildings. Next, we will introduce the color of the color steel plate and the advantages and disadvantages of the color steel plate.

Color type of color steel plate

1, red, scarlet: scarlet (Baosteel, high light crimson and scarlet), red brick red, red, pink, brown rust, suede red, ruby red, red fluorocarbon

2, orange color: orange, orange, orange (orange, beige, beige Baosteel (Baosteel), milk yellow Beige), ivory yellow, yellow, yellow lemon (lemon yellow, brown, Baoshan) camel yellow (camel yellow, yellow suede Baoshan)

3, green, green, green beans, cardamom: deep green and deep green beans (green beans, lotus leaf green Baosteel deep), green (green, broadleaf broad-leaved hardwood, Baosteel green) light green, dark green, light green, dark green, green, Green Suede HD-6013 fluorocarbon cardamom 001

4, blue: blue, blue (blue, light blue, Baosteel 404), blue (azure blue, blue, Baoshan) porcelain porcelain blue (blue porcelain, Baosteel (Baosteel) deep blue sky blue, light blue, deep blue Fluorocarbon)

5: silver, silver, metal (silver, silver, Baoshan) Fluorocarbon Gold Pink

6, gray: gray, gray, gray, gray, grayish, ashen gray, camel grey, dark gray, gray, gray, fluorocarbon fluorocarbon fluorocarbon light gray, gray suede

7, brown, black: black, black, brown, black, and black

8, white lime, lime (Baosteel: lime), lime (Hua Meihui), ivory (ivory white, white, white Baosteel (Baosteel Opal), white magnolia, white, white, Emperor Gao Guangbai, high white, white, light signal moonlight white, pearl white, white fluorocarbon

9, back paint: gray back, yellow bud back steel white back (Bao Gangshai), is back (double coated polyester back), back Brown (double coated polyester back)

The quality of color steel plate to distinguish

1. Observe the thickness of substrate and the thickness of coated film

The color steel plate is made of a base plate and colored peritoneum or coating. We first have to consider the thickness of the substrate and peritoneal coating, the better color steel substrate is 0.02~0.05mm, coated or coating thickness is often less than 0.15mm. The thickness of the substrate is important because of the time it affects the use of the color steel plate. While some manufacturers do change in substrate and color steel or coated, they reduce the thickness of the substrate, but the increase of peritoneal thickness to reduce the production cost of the color steel plate, which greatly reduces the service life of the color steel plate.

2, to observe the color steel plate of the edge of the leakage

To get a color steel plate, I first observe the color steel plate exposed steel, such as cross section, whether the crystallization of fine, whether the hair ash, dark and impurities. If the cutting surface is crystalline and fine, it is superior in quality.

3. Listen to the sound

With fingers or with hard objects knocking color steel plate, color steel plate if the material is poor, then the sound is boring, metal sound is not obvious, material better color steel plate, metal sound is relatively loud, clear and crisp.

4, check color steel quality certification

Do you have the inspection standards of the relevant department?. If possible, as far as possible to color steel plate manufacturers on-site inspection. Look at the enterprise environment, how formal?. The market to inquire about the reputation of this enterprise?.

5, look at the price

Everything is a dime a share. When we compare the quality of color steel plate, the price is on the one hand, but don’t pay too much attention to the price. If the price of a color steel plate is not much lower, then we should pay attention to it.

Why does color steel burn?

Color steel plate is divided into single-layer color steel plate and sandwich color steel plate two kinds, generally use color steel plate built house can see only steel plate surface, its steel plate itself is non combustible. But because of the needs of insulation and sound insulation, many buildings use sandwich color steel plate, and its combustible material is hidden in the core of sandwich color steel plate.

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