Coated enterprises marketing brand force? Terminal see real kung fu

Every sales situation is good, the terminal “ shiny ” debut. Coca-Cola, PK, Pepsi, competition for the first display position, Showcase Display, POP exposure, and so on. Many small and medium-sized enterprise brand condiments, not necessarily strong advertising bombing, because only seize the terminal, seize the good shelf space, the establishment of extraordinary pathway with customers, will also increase the opportunities for contact with consumers, have good sales performance. Similarly, brand power products PK, more able to display the real fight for the terminal. Because the terminal competition ability is different, the brand power product sales performance is far from the same, even the big brand dozen but weaker than the regional brand, has been common. Encountered such problems, most business people will continue to say that because the local people do not recognize this brand, or that brand in the local far-reaching. In the current market competition, this is how to ah. Brand force products, three years, Hedong, three years, Hexi phenomenon is too much. Different dealers operating practices, different channels of operation depth, will lead to market growth or stagnation.
Market share and consumer mentality battle, to a large extent is the use of terminal tactics and training of terminals, and blindly put the excuse to consumers, it is not doing marketing. So, how do you get the terminal &ldquo and bright &rdquo?
Competition for core sites: stable sales battlefield
Pareto “ &rdquo 28 law; that 80% of the sales from the 20% outlets. Competition for the core sites is to strengthen the local 20% sales outlets, outlets. This network can be half of the country. For brands of products, terminal store owners in order to maximize their interests, will raise the advantages of competing products, exaggerating the weaknesses of my products, do not let him affect our confidence. Because he would hit them like that in front of competitors. Business people should firmly believe that our products are not inferior to competing products.
For such outlets, it is recommended to adopt “ basic offer price + year-end rebate ” model. This is not enough, need to be further quantified. For example, to complete the sales, tiered sales rebate rebate, more, more; or adopt new incentives, sales rebate more more; or separate rebate, according to the product profit different for different sales policy; can also add other display reward incentive mechanism. One purpose is to make these shops popular stores, image stores, the radiation surrounding the site, by example.
Establish channel atmosphere: build “ &rdquo sales situation;
Many dealers on the core sites will spend great effort to do, but I am sorry, and even small amount of money do not make small outlets, the old dealers are often prohibitive. The new dealers will be more conscious of these small outlets. Now the first-line brands will force dealers to do all terminals, effective outlets must do, not without reason. Big brands do the market needs a big atmosphere, to create a product phenomenon, Zhang three sold, Li Sijia also sell, big supermarkets have, canteen also has, this is the market power performance. Consumers will feel “ buy this product is very popular, because everyone is selling, we are sure everyone is buying ”. This is the psychological strategy of enterprise well-matched in strength test. Who is the leader? From this point of view, small dot must be done. Big brands do not what the problem is, however, the &ldquo of small and medium-sized brands,; terminal die, do not die terminals ” this is also popular. So, the need to measure the brand strength, choose the network level to break, rather die “ ” to find a breakthrough, not passive “ die ”. Small and medium-sized enterprises even produce advent products, so to adapt to the market, you can choose the empty display instead of physical display, also reduce the pressure. In addition, the empty containers are displayed at the entrance of the shop. They can play the propaganda role in the first place. Besides, posters and other promotional materials will also boost the brand value.
Mind Management: improving end customer satisfaction
Human hearts are also a key factor in the scramble for terminals. China’s human society tradition, requires dealers not only to “ mercenary ” but also to make the terminal boss comfortable money. That’s what the customer situation is. Most people talk about what kind of customer they are going to build, but they will ignore the dealer, the boss, and the manager. It’s really important, too. Dealers regularly visited large customers, and to product sales and market feedback, so as to understand the mentality of customers, can also check the sales terminal maintenance, increase the intentions of the business personnel and visiting frequency, terminal shop owner will feel the dealer or manufacturer for his attention and respect, to further consolidate customer – Global Brand Network -. In this way, at the end of the order or appreciation meeting will not appear even the name of the big customer can not be called embarrassing situation. Terminal customers are more willing to cooperate with what kind of brand, determines how much the terminal thrust of such brands. The dealer’s customer relationship with the store, plus the customer service conditions of the business representatives directly, will strengthen the channel strength and increase the stability. Dealers can bring some small gifts, gifts terminal shop owner niang. A lot of times, small things will “ move the heart of the boss ”. A year held several times daxiehui, invited customers to participate, through dinner, make policy, explain our products development, gifts etc. business people, let the boss feel he is not only in the terminal sales, but also make many friends.
The mind of the business including business team, logistics team, customer terminal sales situation on the chain of interest groups, which aims to create more competitive than competing products incentive measures and evaluation system, promote the scientific operation management team, let the team can get hard and sweet, let customers can cooperate with sales profit growth. At the same time, we must strengthen the “ service force ” and actively solve the problems of the terminal market, rather than avoid and avoid.
Store: shopping guide selling hard tug of war
As we all know, the ability to sell shopping guide, the direct impact on terminal sales. Similarly, brand power products, the importance of terminal contention is more obvious. This requires us to actively guide the purchase of sales attitude, solid product selling point, professional sales, competition skills, responsibility, etc., for systematic and repeated training. Of course, these jobs you are doing, competing products are doing, and not necessarily will therefore exceed the opponent, but at least you do, and will not compete with the product gap is too large, can stabilize the situation first. Can compete with the quality of the gap between the root is a benign incentive and assessment measures. For example, increase the sales commission of similar new products, and improve the enthusiasm of shopping guide. With the growth in performance and work hours, shopping guide can be promoted mechanism, you can raise wages, rather than let shopping guide on the job one day, you can see through a year of career “ stagnant water system ”. The establishment of the survival of the fittest mechanism, excellent shopping guide can be promoted, supervision, patrol shops and other more challenging and decent positions. Improve staff value, so that excellent people to enjoy formal – Global Brand Network – employee insurance, travel, party and other large family of warmth, can fully mobilize the enthusiasm and sense of honor of shopping guide. At the same time, salary system, task quantification should be practical, the challenge rate and growth rate should be scientific, so that the shopping guide can see, feel, and have the ability to do so. Can not formulate unrealistic policies, blind promotion goals, so that shopping guide loss of confidence, affecting the stability of the team.
Terminal image building: to win more opportunities
The construction of the terminal image, each enterprise is doing, but the effect is very different. Some enterprises such as 100 stores, both in stores in the city or town stores, there is a neat stack around the display, POP, stickers, stickers, hanging flags, posters, booth image, product display equipped, clean, imposing. Some enterprises made different effects of different stores, or lack of cards, or gift binding does not match, or else the price confusion. This kind of terminal image construction is not surprising because of the lack of knowledge and the lack of executive ability. The construction of the image of the terminal, is based on good shop city and market stability, the product display image deployment, further narrow the distance with consumers, correct and effective transfer of sales information, through the beautiful display, in publicity, so that consumers are more recognized product image and quality, attract new consumers, and promote the temptation of loyal consumers I passed a good image, increase vitality, more sales opportunities. These work standards need to be carefully implemented by the team, and should be standardized and unified.
In short, the brand of similar brands, in terminal competition, must from the core channel card, market atmosphere, create the image of the terminal building, good customer terminal team deepen and enhance the combat effectiveness of other aspects. Better than competition, will gradually win the terminal. Win the minds of consumers and win the market.

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