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People living in the city daily, surrounded by reinforced concrete, and the nature of the heart yearning, a lot of people are in the home when, as much as possible into the natural elements, the most common is the simple log style decoration. Log color gives a person a kind of comfortable feeling, and can fully display a natural vegetation decoration atmosphere, let the whole Home Furnishing environment produced a pleasant atmosphere, the people involved, can be more relaxed and comfortable, the use of wood color decoration is good at environment against and various natural materials. The overall decoration is in place.
Want to use wood in the home to make fresh and natural decorative effect, we need to grasp three principles: white wall board, choose shallow log color, smooth surface. This issue will follow the small series together to understand the home decoration in the log wind decoration principle.

The use of wood color decoration, is able to fully show the natural flavor of the interior decoration style, is a lot of work busy consumers are very beautiful, although the wood color decoration is relatively simple for the use of color, but accidentally create a different Home Furnishing environment.

What are the features of log color decoration?

1, wood color decoration will the whole space background is very personal, use of different materials, different texture to tell a space ring with simple long, in the dark tone in quiet don’t have the meaning of wood is not monotonous wood color, various materials into a collage of wooden wall, make the space more natural the wind. In the wooden floor space, the concept of “close to nature” is interpreted. Simple natural mix of soft luxury and extravagance and wooden, creative ideas create personalized mix style, decorative painting wood color decoration wall difficult to house more artistic beauty.

2, in order to avoid monotony and considering the health and environmental protection, the wood color decoration wall than potted plants transplanted, atmospheric and beautiful, this is a very good idea of the decoration of wood color. The design of log floor decoration with wood color, make indoor environment into the elements of nature, more fresh and pleasant feeling, reproduce the ecosystem vitality, deduce a healthy ecological residential space, can also be added to the simple elements of green grass, let the body and mind more close to nature.

3, people are familiar with the log color decoration, often with natural wood, stone, rattan, bamboo and other materials, simple texture, in the interior environment, to express the relaxed, comfortable and natural pastoral life interest. And here advocated wood color decoration style in the source is higher than that of natural wood color decoration style, not limited to the use of a large number of raw materials, not on the surface with some natural plants to decorate so simple, but the natural elements into Home Furnishing in.

Principle 1: white wall board


As the living area with wooden wall decoration, wall painting is best to use white, remove this is the most traditional collocation and insurance outside, more important is to make the space look more concise and bright, if the wall is the other colors, the effect will be different.

Principle two: choose Asahara Kishiki


Asahara Kishiki is similar to white and has a strong reflection on light. This is also the principle of “ white wall board &rdquo. Asahara Kishiki can make the room look clean and tidy, with the Japanese style of light and warm, and the unity of hue not only brings visual beauty, but also avoids the harm of too many bright colors to the eyes.

Principle three: surface smoothness

Boards can be used to sit except for stepping on and decorating on the wall. Whether it is made of tatami, chair, bench or wooden stairs, keep the wood surface smooth, maintain wood color, wood thorn pricks avoided, local light embellishment can make the details more gentle.

Edit comment: the use of wooden decoration is divided into light and dark, dark light calm atmosphere, fresh and natural, but the principle is the color of the wall can not use bright colors, otherwise it will not create the feeling of nature. More practical decoration knowledge, site with real shot, so please pay attention to palm home network (micro signal: mall_jia).

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