Check the factors affecting the price of the original wooden door

[doors] as the first impression of the living room, many consumers in the face of Kung Fu needs some effort. The original wooden door is an extremely valuable category, natural, luxury, environmental protection and other properties, so that the price of the original wooden door is also high several grades. Then, when we buy the original wooden door, what are the price factors affecting the original wooden door?
Price analysis of the original wooden door
The original wooden door is divided into ordinary wood, the original wooden door and precious wood, the original wooden door, the corresponding original wooden door price is not equal. The original wooden doors according to the different processing technology is also divided into different price levels, process the original wood is divided into preparation, drying, drying, cutting two times, milling wash (hand carved), paint, packaging and other parts.
Ordinary wood doors in price to production than the precious wood raw wood is much less common, the original wood timber prices in 200— between 1000\/ cubic meters, the main cost is to paint and the material drying. But because the wood cost and the processing cost of the ordinary wooden door are not the same, there is not much emphasis on the drying process. Mainly depends on the paint process, paint well, the original wooden doors, of course, value for money.
The original wooden door made of precious wood, and its main cost comes from its log material. Most of the wood used in the original wooden door is made of imported logs, and the price is relatively high. The price of precious logs is between 4000&mdash and 20000\/ cubic meters. As valuable logs, wood, wood hard, so the processing equipment requirements are relatively high, especially since logs, wood drying links, you must use numerical control drying equipment for drying. In the paint process is also more trouble, a good original wooden door must be in the selection, drying, painting these three strict checks, in order to produce a good valuable original wooden door.

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