Ceramic enterprises only enhance product quality in order to gain a foothold in the competition

[Abstract] in recent years, with the development of home building materials industry, the competition of tile market is more and more fierce. In this case, if China does not strengthen the internal adjustment, it will be difficult to adapt to the current competition situation. Therefore, ceramic enterprises need to recognize the importance of branding, and make timely strategic adjustments in line with changes in the market situation.
Reshuffle the industry to encourage ceramic enterprises to make adjustments
Industry competition, there is a shuffle, shuffle on behalf of the re allocation of industry resources and customers, in this process, the shuffler has a natural advantage, not only can lower the cost of others can also form a reshuffle, the market advantage in the reshuffle. With the brand and terminal operating cost increasing, pure rely on price advantage in small scale, the ceramic enterprises, is the first to taste the pain of the market, customers are scarce, rising rents, some brands most store sales even rent and operating costs are not enough, not to speak of sustainable development.
For an industry, these enterprises out, is a healthy development of the industry, only when the industry inside to form a correct concept of competition, pay attention to product quality, the difference of marketing model, and a huge difference is not the price to achieve the competition in this industry is on health. Integration in this year’s ceramic industry to become a more popular term, both between the integration of enterprises, but also the integration of upstream and downstream, as well as customer resources integration. In the ceramic industry under the general trend of integration, as an entity of ceramic enterprises, agents are necessary to fully integrate, and each of their resources to be assembled, there is a chance to achieve 1+1 greater than 2 of the target.
Product quality and brand capabilities determine the status of ceramic enterprises
The ceramic industry’s plight is not terrible, terrible is at the helm of the plight of thinking, any industry has a capacity shortage to surplus, from shopping to condition. The home appliance industry after shopping, no scale enterprises will be eliminated naturally, are left to the billions and billions of enterprise level. And the ceramic industry, many brands, uneven, in this case, that is done well ceramic enterprises will be dragged down. Not to say that China’s ceramic enterprises can not do it, but most small businesses rely on prices to win the market, at the expense of quality, and ultimately dragged down the healthy development of the industry as a whole.
In contrast, products exported to Japan have been subject to strict inspection, the standards are much higher than domestic requirements. In this case, its universal high quality won the hearts of Chinese consumers. Therefore, the ceramic enterprises face today’s predicament, in fact, is a good thing, once a good opportunity to filter the poor. In this case, only good quality and brand ability of enterprises, have the opportunity to integrate other potential, but not necessarily high quality enterprises.
Therefore, in the market competition environment is more complex ceramic market, enterprises must enhance their strength in product quality and the ability to integrate resources, enterprises can get their own future in a space for one person intensified competition in the market.

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