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The bright world, not the light of credit, many of my friends all know that ceiling lamps, not only in the bright world to make contributions in recent years is also a lot of family decoration Home Furnishing provides a great help, the progress of science and technology also makes the ceiling in the constant change, can you think so. Beautiful ceiling is how to install it? Next, we introduce the installation techniques of ceiling lamp and the selection methods of ceiling lamp.

Ceiling lamp installation skills

1, in the installation of lamps, if installed with a switch, can save a lot of trouble. Because if there is only one switch, a few lights with open closed, you can not choose the brightness of light, will be a waste of energy, and mounted on the control switch can at any time according to need to choose a few lights. If there is an aisle at the entrance of the house, it is better to install a switch at the end of the corridor so that the power can be turned off directly after entering the door, and no need to go back to the door to turn off the light.

2, lighting systems should be set to adjustable, that is, when the feeling of dim light or glare, you can adjust, people will feel more comfortable and comfortable.

3, the color temperature of the lighting should be consistent with the atmosphere of the room, at least to the other parts of the room color temperature similar.

4, not only in the central installation of a separate lighting source, in order to improve the kitchen lighting, should be installed in the kitchen by a variety of lamps and lighting composed of multi-level lighting system.

5, the installation site is also very important. A straight line incandescent lamp or fluorescent lamp should be mounted in front of the cabinet. In this way, part of the light from the light will be directed at the tailgate, then reflected on the operating table and then at the center of the whole space.

6, if the space is high enough, can be installed on the ceiling of transparent or translucent chandelier as a light source, chandelier can not only provide excellent lighting, or very good decorative items.

7, lighting installation, the most important thing is to firm, you can use a hand pull, feel.

8, the lamp cover should be close to the ceiling, can not shake.

9, if the chandelier, there will be extended from the top to the wire lamp parts, note that this wire is not tight, should be loosely wrapped around the bar down, or after the long-term tight wire problems easily.

10 、 check carefully that there is no exposed wire.

11, in addition, a lot of ceiling lamps above a scratch proof film, after installation to off, exposing the people know, very difficult, in fact there is a small trick, you can use the hair dryer blow the membrane, and then exposing it can be very easy to take it down.

Ceiling lamp selection method

1. First determine the quantity purchased

A house needs to use the ceiling lamp room, respectively, living room, dining room, balcony, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, study, etc.. Consumers should count the quantity they want to buy before they buy the ceiling light. Like bedroom, you can choose the same series of products; the living room and dining room can choose the products of mother and child series; and the kitchen and bathroom can choose the products with the same size of integrated ceiling.

2. Choose mask material

The visor mask is something we can really touch. There are many manufacturers of ceiling lamps on the market now, and the masks are different from each other. The most common are acrylic masks, plastic masks and glass masks. Preferably, the imported acrylic face mask is stretched two times. Detection of mask or can first hand pressure mask, to see how soft, soft and good; and put my hands in the past, look at the color, red is good; the cover is opened, to see if it is convenient for disassembly.

3. Select the light source

The ceiling lamp can be divided into ordinary incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, halogen tungsten lamp and LED lamp according to the different light sources used. Different light ceiling lighting applications vary from place to place, take home, you should first select LED lights. LED light source ceiling lamp prices are not very expensive, but very power-saving, long service life, and brightness is very strong, cost-effective.

4, choose size

The ceiling lamp size should be determined according to the lighting area. Be careful not to use too small ceiling lamps, the ceiling will seem empty, nor too large ceiling lamps, would be distracting. General bedroom area of 10 square meters below the ceiling, select the diameter is below 45cm; 10-20 square meters bedroom ceiling lamps choice diameter of about 60cm; bedroom size of 20-30 square meters, should choose lamps and diameters of about 80cm.

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