Analysis of transformation trend of Chinese stone enterprises

With WeChat gradually involved in people’s lives, more and more people will gradually be inseparable from WeChat, and in this process, stone enterprises can not be separated from WeChat marketing. For a while, WeChat in the stone industry, and even the entire home industry which opened a “ WeChat marketing big drama ”. Stone industry […]

Coating enterprises how to do “prevent”, “there are skills,” “attack” policy”

[economic downturn], low raw materials, sales decline, coating prices pressure Alexander, many paint companies cut prices. As we all know, as far as the overall macro level is concerned, although the price of materials has continued to decline in the past year, so far, the major enterprises in the industry have not issued price reduction […]

Ceramic bathroom industry problems, high energy consumption, uneven development

With the increasing development of the industry, the problems existing in the ceramic industry are becoming more and more prominent.First, the uneven distribution of industries, uneven production areas, production and marketing imbalancesCeramics industry has obvious regional characteristics, currently mainly concentrated in Guangdong, Jiangxi, Shandong, Fujian and other provinces. These areas, the ceramic industry is strong […]

The price for the bathroom industry is feasible?

[] clearly suggests that the standard price, no bargaining. For consumers, consumption is more transparent, save the goods than three, bargaining trouble, it can save time and effort, worry. Supermarkets and shopping malls many of the products implement blatantly, but for the furniture and building materials products, because of direct marketing, distribution, booth rental fees […]

“The Belt and Road sanitary enterprises” strategy to go abroad

[in recent years, cement, glass and ceramic industries are facing &ldquo in the building materials industry; to produce ” and “ to stock ” “ to reduce cost &rdquo. In the oversupply of the market situation, the building materials industry to lower production efficiency, open up the market and solve the dilemma? In this period, […]

Are saying “artisan spirit” is how to practice wooden doors enterprises?

[artisan spirit] refers to the craftsman’s philosophy of his own products and the spirit of excellence. Many people may associate with Swiss watches, German cars, and so on. In fact, for “ artisan spirit ” the understanding of different industries have different views. In the wooden door industry, such spirit also need to exist, it […]

Wooden door enterprises should apply the 28 theorem actively to maximize the value

[28] theorem for the doors of businesses, it is 80% of the profits from the 20% projects, it is likely the 20% segments, products will occupy 80% of the enterprise sales and profits or 20% employees accounted for 80% of the sales profits. Therefore, in order to maximize the profits of wood enterprises, we should […]

Wooden door enterprise scale is different, transformation development mode is different

[] in 2016 can be said to be a year of each kind of sound Public opinions are divergent., around the enterprise side, the road ahead is not clear, lost no solution, so many doors entrepreneurs feel pressure; Chinese economic downturn, as to the entrepreneur neck with a heavy yoke, making it difficult to breathe, […]

The floor enterprises to increase sales, playing the “feelings” brand than hard price war more useful

[] downward pressure on the economy, the overall situation is still grim flooring industry, under the baptism of wind and rain, the market has become increasingly rational. Flooring enterprises blindly rely on promotions, buy gifts and other ways to promote sales, although still attractive to some consumers, but not the most effective marketing model in […]