“Big ears Tutu” made special founding domestic animation made a new way

“Big ears Tutu delicacy Rhapsody” is currently the national theaters aggressively, in more than a large attack, the box office is still ranked in the same schedule of the first domestic animation. Today, the film side exposed behind the scenes featurette, a number of creative behind the scenes share their creation feelings, took 5 years […]

Zhang Tianai said “the Pearl” shark hide passion play king continent was Jane Zhang Tucao

Fantasy film “shark bead biography” August 11th will visit the mainland cinema. In August 6th, the film premiere held in Beijing, producer Gordon Chan, director Yang Lei, director of vision Lu Beike and starring Zhang Tianai, Sheng Guansen, Wang, He Sui, Yiwei Zhou, et al. Light before meeting “, the theme song singer Jane Zhang […]

Wu Jingpie file competition behind the “army big industry”: tribute to revolutionary martyrs

Wu Jing “wolf 2” since the release received favorable comments from users Wu Jing “wolf 2” since the release received favorable comments from users, in July 30th, Wu Jing through the micro-blog sun and he is almost the same period the movie “army” big industry viewing tickets, and pay tribute to the martyrs, wrote: “ […]

The number of Chinese movie screens exceeds the speed of the North American film market

China’s film market into the development of the fast lane In 2016, a total of 102 imported films were released in China, and the final domestic film made a 58.33% market share, and only 33% of American films. Chinese film in the open pattern, breaking the absolute advantage to occupy more than 75% share of […]