Global LED market climate callback, September bulb prices steady

TrendForce LED technology industry LED brand LED industry (LED online) latest price report pointed out that in September the global LED market boom was significantly improved, and because the upstream chip prices stabilized, making the terminal bulb prices steady. From the September LED bulb price point of view, the global replacement of 40 watts of […]

Temple II successfully launched, Pa a Pa will LED lighting to do those things in the sky

September 15 22:4, in this month Langfeng clear night, China’s first full sense of the space laboratory “Temple II” successfully fly to space. But you know the spacecraft and space stations used in the LED lights it? 11219988711112199811812 whether it is spacecraft or cabin, this LED lighting is essential, then the problem came, aerospace LED […]

Micro LED is optimistic, Apple Sony are in the layout

to undertake in the traditional LCD (LCD), OLED, Micro LED is considered to subvert the industry’s next generation of display technology, and Sony in June 2016 came out Micro LED new work, the industry’s refreshing news, causing the The market for the discussion of the micro LED boom, but also cover up the previous OLED […]

Guzhen do foreign trade lights deep water, LED people need to pay attention!

Lighting industry in the town for almost 10 years. This 10 years gone through too many ups and downs. These years in the contract to do the export to eat too much loss. Especially in the town where the water is too deep, swirl too much accidentally will be involved in the. Especially the ancient […]

Inventory of China’s top ten most beautiful night lighting city

With the development of society, people demand for urban night lighting is also getting higher and higher. Light is not only used for lighting purposes, but become a tool to dress up the city night, Xiao Bian today, the inventory of the United States as suffocating China’s top ten most beautiful night lighting city, to […]