KAI AUTOMATION Development Introduction

In 1946, D.S., a mechanical engineer at Ford Motor Co, first proposed the word “KAI AUTOMATION”, It is used to describe the process of automatic transmission and processing. In 50s, with the development of automatic regulator and classical control theory, KAI AUTOMATION entered into the stage of local KAI AUTOMATION based on single variable automatic […]

Three advantages of prefabricated modular data centers

Prefabricated modular data center follow modular data center design and construction, and modular deployment is undoubtedly the mainstream of today’s data center construction; secondly, it uses the factory prefabrication, assembly is completed, the relevant data center infrastructure in the factory connection and testing, to reduce data center in the field the project, so as to […]

High efficiency UPS improve system efficiency fully

Everyone in the pursuit of speed, everything is about efficiency today, how to ensure the efficient work, it is worth pondering. Many products can only guarantee the use, but it is difficult to win in efficiency, some products can fully improve the efficiency, but there will be a lack of security. In the field of […]

A simple, efficient and reliable power supply for the distributed power supply

The emergence of the Internet +, make our life more convenient. Computers not only improve our work efficiency, but also bring convenience to our lives, we can not go out to enjoy the fun of shopping. In particular, hospitals, banks and other large enterprises have established a database, which is the data center. There is […]

Modular uninterruptible power supply gives you three easy

Now we are the requirements for life is convenient, in our life, it is more and more high requirements for products, and the development of science and technology is to meet the requirements of most people, in a HUAWEI product above does meet the unbelievable, we also can be used in outdoor power supply, including […]

advantage of HUAWEI modular UPS performance

Now when purchasing the product, we will consider the performance, the performance of more products will be more popular, which is why today’s era of lack of scientific and technical personnel, the development of the performance to a certain degree of expertise, Chinese this lack of innovation and technical personnel. HUAWEI company has been in […]

Advantages of modular uninterruptible power supplies

Recently, a lot of friends are concerned about modular uninterruptible power supply, because it is a very important product. Friends who have known the product know that this product has a very important value in the market.Modular has become the trend of today’s society, and the power has become the focus of attention of many […]