Can star promotions really save the deserted market?

[flooring] the market competition is fierce, and then the business publicity stunt is more and more beyond imagination; “ star promotion ” that is, in recent years, the rise of a popular way. At present, star promotion trend intensified in the flooring industry, it also allows the flooring industry pinxing “ ” competition again firepower, however, the star really can save a deserted market? The answer is negative.
Star promotion signs fade
In recent years, the flooring market promotion campaign compared to the previous slightly different star signs fade promotion. It is understood that more and more floor brands in organizing promotional activities, choose to invite stars to help out the scene, it seems that as long as there is star participation, you can reap good results. “ this is a look at the face of the world ” this word has become a lot of netizens ridicule the word, but also reflects the star does have some attraction. It is undeniable that the relatively low degree of social concern of the Home Furnishing building materials industry, please star activities can quickly upgrade the brand &ldquo in a short period of time; visibility, ” set up a strong brand image, to help enterprises to seize market share. However, the downturn in the market environment, the star may be able to pull a dealer performance “ ”, but the star is not market straw, also may not be the floor manufacturers, distributors of the life-saving medicine.
Rescue can help, no!
For the floor enterprises, please star is definitely a learning. For home building materials such a low degree of concern in the industry, the star can be described as high-profile, focusing on the pronoun, the two tied together, perhaps to improve the effectiveness of attention. However, it is not asking stars to raise their attention, improve the signing rate and increase sales. In today’s all walks of life “ no brand endorsement ” under the status quo, invited the star, really can be remembered by the enterprise or activities are very few. The key point to the &mdash market; — consumers, please star this thing, different identity, different ages, even the stars appeared in the role has different reflect: 80, 90 belong to Starchaser watch, 70, 60 in the consumer more and very careful in reckoning. 50 uncle aunt may often be willing to the scorching sun or rain waiting to receive prizes, cheap person. Therefore, because of the presence of the stars and the order of how many people?
Although the market is sluggish now, the activity can do, but the activity that spends great price and have no real meaning still is as little as possible. Flooring enterprises and dealers refining their own internal strength, focusing on products, employees, systems and other aspects of the market can stand firm.

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