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Now the market of vertical pipe centrifugal pump products are many, varieties are relatively rich, with the use of more and more widely, the advantages and disadvantages of vertical pipe centrifugal pump has also been widespread concern. Vertical pipeline centrifugal pump is a pump motor and pump directly, so the pump rotation structure is greatly simplified, and stability can guarantee the operation of pumps, vertical pipeline centrifugal pump adopts the hard alloy mechanical seal, it is the biggest advantage of the vertical pipeline centrifugal pump area relative to other equipment with pump pump is the equipment. So, vertical pipe centrifugal pumps are some of the main use?

Vertical pipe centrifugal pump structure

First, the basic structure of the vertical pipe centrifugal pump is composed of six parts

The basic structure of a vertical pipe centrifugal pump consists of six parts, namely, impeller, pump body, pump shaft, bearing, sealing ring, stuffing box.

1, the impeller is the core part of the centrifugal pump, it is high speed, large output, the impeller blade and play a major role in the impeller before assembly, through the static equilibrium experiment. The inside and outside surfaces of the impeller are required to be smooth, so as to reduce the friction loss of the water flow.

2, pump body, also known as pump shell, it is the main body of the pump. The utility model is provided with a supporting and fixing function and is connected with a bracket for mounting the bearing.

3, the role of the pump shaft is to use the coupling and motor connected, the motor transfer distance to the impeller, so it is the transfer of mechanical energy of the main components.

4, bearings are set on the pump shaft supporting the pump shaft components, there are two kinds of rolling bearings and sliding bearings. Rolling bearings use butter as a lubricant, refueling should be appropriate, generally 2\/3 ~ 3\/4 of the volume is too much, will heat, too little, there is noise and fever! The plain bearings are made of transparent oil as a lubricant and fill up to the oil level. Too much oil will leak out along the pump shaft and drift low, too little, the bearings will overheat and burn out, resulting in accidents! In the pump running process, bearing temperature is highest in 85 degrees, generally run at about 60 degrees, if higher, will find the reason (whether there is impurities, whether the oil is black, whether water) and timely processing!

5, sealing ring, also known as leakage reduction ring. The gap between the impeller and the pump shell will cause the pump within the high pressure zone of the water flow through the gap area of low pressure water pump efficiency and reduce the influence! Clearance is too small, will cause the impeller and pump shell friction, wear and tear. In order to increase the return to reduce the internal leakage resistance and service life of the delay of the impeller and pump casing, junction with sealing ring in the pump casing and impeller aid, sealing gap should be between 0.25 ~ 1.10mm.

6. Stuffing box mainly consists of packing, water seal ring, stuffing box, packing gland and water seal pipe. The function of the stuffing box is mainly to close the gap between the pump shell and the pump shaft. The water in the pump is not allowed to flow outside and the outside air is not allowed to enter the pump. Always keep the vacuum in the pump! When the pump shaft and packing friction heat, it is necessary to rely on water seal to control water into the water ring, so that the filler cooling! Keep the pump running properly. Therefore, in the water pump running inspection process, the stuffing box inspection is to pay special attention to! In the operation of about 600 hours, it is necessary to replace the packing.

Vertical pipe centrifugal pump main use

1, long-distance transportation.

2, fire pipe pressurization.

3, hot and cold air conditioning, hot and cold water cycle.

4, the production process cycle pressurization, transportation, and adapted to a variety of drainage equipment, boilers and other equipment supporting the use.

5, vertical pipe centrifugal pumps are used for many purposes, but the main use is used for industrial, urban water supply, high-rise building water supply.

In many cases, when users choose products, they often consider the value of their use, and the value of the product is usually reflected by its use. For vertical pipe centrifugal pump, after a long period of development, its functions have been tested by the production work, and its main use has also been affirmed by the users. People often say that the plum flower, for vertical pipeline centrifugal pump of wind and rain, it will be better in the future.

Advantages and disadvantages of vertical pipe centrifugal pumps

Advantages of vertical pipe centrifugal pumps:

(1) small size, small footprint.

(2) the structure is simple, the parts are few, so it is easy to maintain.

(3) the flow rate and pressure are stable. When the pump runs normally, the vibration is smaller.

Disadvantages of vertical pipe centrifugal pumps:

(1) the efficiency of the pump is lower when the flow is less than the rated flow.

(2) it is suitable for conveying various liquids with low viscosity. The viscosity of liquid affects the performance of pump greatly.

(3) poor aspiration ability and easy evacuation. If the fluid pumped fluid level in the center line of the pump, must be filled or evacuated before opening the pump, or pump can not work normally.

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