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Pipeline dredge machine according to the power source is different, the pipeline dredge machine can be divided into two kinds: manual pipeline dredge machine and electric pipe dredge machine. Everyone may have encountered the problem of sewer or toilet block, generally will find professional companies to solve, in fact, you can solve their own. Blockage time and energy consuming, manual processing pipeline blockage is very troublesome, please clear the company does not want to spend money here, so the pipeline dredging machine is a good choice, the price is not too expensive, not only laborious is also very simple, how to use the machine to dredge the pipeline? Use when you need to pay attention to what, the following with a small look at it.

Main use of pipe dredge

1., indoor and outdoor sewage main pipe: can completely solve all kinds of reasons caused by the bottom of the sewer back water, and avoid your ground, tube, cost of trouble. After cleaning the effect can reach more than 95%. The equipment is also used for outdoor pipes.

2. toilet: professional dredge all kinds of models (cloth, plastic) all kinds of hard and soft material caused by blockage, professional disassembly and assembly.

3. goblet hole: because goblet hole year long, curved pipe produced a thick layer of urine alkali, by 100MM 50M and even 10MM slowly become even blocked, so cause goblet hole to enter the water slow, easy to block,

4. floor drain, food pool: professional dredge all kinds of V, S type bend floor drain (because the decoration fell into cement, sand or hair and other debris caused by congestion)

5. pool, basin: professional dredge all kinds of basin, including (type V, S type) and other pipelines.

6. bathtub shower room: professional tools to clear up all kinds of debris caused by the blockage, professional disassembly and installation.

Using method and skill of pipe dredge

First, the use of electric pipeline dredging machine, is the spring through special dredging pipeline dredging machine, and then extend to the pipe blockage position, turn on the power, pressure to spring and the spring, through dredging in the pipeline in stepwise forward swing pipeline dredge jam. If the steel spring is caught up with a jam, it can be pulled back and removed at a normal speed. When the plug is caught, the steel spring is pulled forward a distance to form a radian with the pipe mouth, and then the steel spring is pressed firmly, so that the torque is transmitted to the dredge head to break through the blockage. If the blockage is cleared, the steel spring must be moved a couple of feet forward to make sure that the blockage in the pipe has been completely broken. Throughout the process of recovering the steel spring from the pipe, the pipe must be constantly flushed with water, either to remove the blockage or to clean the steel spring.

Two, electric dredge machine, one into one, there are two mouth. The mouth of the new unpacking machine is hung with a roller whose inlet is the inlet of the dredge spring. The opposite side is provided with an automatic head, and a dredging spring outlet is provided. Throughout the dredging process, always have one hand holding the steel spring for control.

When you dredging machine operating a dredge, the steel spring forward in the pipeline “ feeling ” very important: do not suddenly pulled out from the machine too much steel spring; too much steel spring occurred easily in the pipeline caused by foul mouth, knot. Remember to keep the machine going, whether it’s sending out the spring or restoring the steel spring.

The reverse function can be used only when the steel spring is caught by the blockage and can not continue to dredge, or when the P curve is used, the steel spring can be used properly so that the steel spring is convenient to pass through the curve. When the steel spring hits the jam, let the steel spring keep its own “ the rhythm ” dredge. When the steel spring in the dredge plug, we should pay attention to the reaction of steel spring, if it is difficult to find the blockage through, it is necessary to properly recover a steel spring, and then slowly move forward. When the steel spring is clear of the blockage, the wire is further removed by a few feet to make sure the pipe is clear.

The internal structures of type three, type 80 and type 100 are exactly the same. They are equipped with two different dredge springs using 16mm and 10mm thickness. Since the two springs are the only access channel for dredging machines, they can not be used at the same time.

Four, the use of drum 10mm fine spring, you can not use the automatic head, the spring in and out, by artificial hand, from the hanging in the drum on the machine in the warehouse free to pull out or push on the line. Remember, however, don’t pull the entire spring out of the roller! So, in fact, the fine spring is only suitable for dredging 2 meters away from the sink back water bend.

Five, the use of iron in the basket of crude 16mm spring, the drum needs to take on the machine under the. The spring is pulled in from the inlet of the original hanging drum, and is worn out from the outlet with an automatic head, and the cutter head is installed in a blocking position extending into the sewer pipe to dredge.

As the machine starts, the entire union of the dredge spring will swing, so be sure not to place the dredge spring mounted in the machine half in the machine and half in the iron basket! In accordance with the normal procedures, according to the length of the specific needs of the dredge, in the entrance of the dredge machine is connected with the dredging spring. Considering that the household dredger is only equipped with 12 meters dredge spring. So, as long as you start the machine, pull the entire spring out of the iron basket.

Safety considerations for pipe dredge

1, the pipeline dredge machine must use a good protective earthing of the individual three pole plug socket.

2, when the pipeline is clogged easily work site water, use water in the pipeline and humid environment dredging machine, should adopt corresponding safety protection measures, such as: the use of leakage protector, the host is placed in the position of water without drying. Operators wear insulated gloves, wear insulated shoes or stand on the insulating pad.

3, when using and wiping dredge machine, should prevent the host water inside. Careless water will not be used before drying.

4, the pipeline dredge machine should use the rated voltage and standard capacity fuse, can not use wire and other substitutes.

5, the mobile dredge or unplug the plug, shall not unplug the power cord.

6, in a narrow place or special environment (such as boiler room, pipeline, wet zone, etc.) operation, there should be human guardianship.

7, non professionals shall not be allowed to disassemble and repair pipe dredge.

8, after the operation, should first cut off the power supply, and then do on-site cleaning and pipe dredging machine maintenance work.

9, when using and wiping dredge machine, should prevent the host water inside. Careless water will not be used before drying.

10, the operation is completed, should first cut off the power supply, and then do field cleaning and Guangzhou pipeline dredge machine maintenance work.

11, the use of trouble free dredging machine operation.

Summary: the above is about the pipeline dredge machine use methods and precautions related information, for reference only, we hope to help. If you want to know more about it, you can pay attention to the family network information.

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