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What is the pipeline heater believe that many people do not know, pipeline heater is a kind of material pre heating energy-saving equipment, which is installed in the material before the equipment of direct material heating, the heating cycle at high temperature, and ultimately achieve the purpose of saving energy. It is widely used in heavy oil, asphalt, pre heating oil and fuel oil. Well, what is the specific pipe heater, the following for everyone to introduce, and I hope all of you help.

Structure and working principle of pipe electric heater

(1) pipe heater structure;

Water heater is composed of several parts of multi branched tubular electric heating element, cylinder, guide plate, tubular heating elements are in metal tube in high temperature resistance wire, tightly fill in the void with good insulation and thermal conductivity of crystalline magnesium oxide, the tubular electric heating element as a heating body, with advanced structure, high thermal efficiency, good mechanical strength, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and other characteristics. A diversion baffle plate is arranged in the cylinder, so that the water can be heated evenly when flowing.

(2) working principle;

Water heater using digital temperature controller, temperature measurement of solid state relays and components, adjust and control circuit in the electric heating process temperature sensor temperature signal will be sent to the water outlet pipe heater temperature display zoom controller, after the comparison show that the temperature measurement value, while the output signal to the input terminal of the solid state relay to control. The heater control cabinet has good control precision and control characteristics. Using the interlocking device, the water heater can be started and closed at a distance.

Characteristics of pipe heater

Pipe heater using a stainless steel cylinder, small volume, small footprint, easy to move, has strong corrosion resistance, between stainless steel liner and stainless steel shell with a thicker insulation, loss of temperature and the lowest level to maintain the temperature, save energy.

The main components of high quality heating element (stainless steel electric heating tube) adopt imported materials, and the processing process also uses advanced production equipment and process, with different voltage, to play the highest performance. Its insulation, pressure resistance, moisture resistance are higher than the national standard, the use of safe and reliable.

The design of water flow direction is reasonable, the heating is even, no high and low temperature corners, and high thermal efficiency.

The pipe heater is equipped with a temperature controller of famous brand in China. Users can set temperature freely. All equipped with overheat protector, used to control temperature and water shortage, over temperature protection, avoid heating element and system damage.

Installation and use

The control cabinet shall be installed in a dry, ventilated and easy to operate place. The shell of the water heater and the cabinet of the control cabinet shall be reliably grounded. The water heater shall be installed horizontally and the base nut shall be tightened so as to be stable. Attention should be paid to the direction of the inlet and outlet when the main pipe and the outer pipe are installed. The water heater shall be measured before the use of the power supply terminal and the metal shell insulation resistance shall not be less than 2MΩ the relative humidity of the use of the environment is not greater than 85%. The output and entrance of the power line should be firm and reliable, and must not be loosened. Before use, first check the power line, the temperature sensor output wiring is correct, the control cabinet components and nuts are loose and damaged, if abnormal, timely tightening or replacement, after confirmation of the correct, you can electrify test. The main steps are as follows:

1 、 water supply pipe switch, power indicator light, digital display control light, and display the measured temperature indicator.

2 、 temperature setting

After 3, temperature setting, such as no exceptions can press the &ldquo button, ” heater; AC contactor, solid state relay terminal power, output by the digital temperature control signal to control the heater work table PID. There may be a temperature overshoot in the first boot, but it tends to be within a constant range.

Maintenance and maintenance

The water heater, especially the control part, is a precision instrument. It should be handled with care when it is transported. It is strictly prohibited to hit or hit. Simplified parts should be properly lifted so as not to deform and damage internal heating elements. Water heater and control cabinet are kept in the warehouse. No rain is allowed.

Common faults and maintenance

Fault 1: the power indicator is not bright, the digital meter is not working, the voltmeter is not indicated. Check whether the water pipe switch is closed and whether the control circuit fuse is in good condition.

Fault two: heater temperature does not rise. Check that the fuse is in good condition and that the electric heater is damaged

Fault three: three-phase unbalance.

(1) check whether the three-phase line voltage is out of phase.

(2) open the water heater protective cover, check with a multimeter, a single electric heating element is broken, and then replaced with special supporting wrench, pay special attention not to damage the replacement in case of damage to the rubber gasket, rubber gasket, rubber pads must be intact.

Classification of pipe heaters

Pipe heaters are widely used and can be subdivided into nitrogen heaters and hydrogen heaters according to the difference in heating gases, which can also be referred to as piped gas heaters. Pipe heaters and oil tank heaters, which are also called pipe type liquid heaters.

1) pipe type gas heater

A gas heater is an electric heating device that mainly heats the gas stream. The heating element gas heater for stainless steel electric heating tube, heating chamber is provided with a plurality of baffle plate (plate), to guide the gas flow, prolong the gas residence time in the chamber, so that gas is heated sufficiently, the gas heating uniformity, improve the efficiency of heat exchange. Heating element: stainless steel tube air heater, electric heating wire is loaded in the seamless steel pipe, the void is filled with good heat conductivity and insulation of magnesium oxide powder after a pipe. When the current through the high temperature resistance wire, the surface of the heat pipe diffusion through the heating crystallization of magnesia powder, and then pass to the heated air, to achieve the purpose of heating.

2) pipe type liquid heater

The so-called liquid heater using benzoic acid as heating agent, metal wire reinforced refractory fiber layer, and together with the resistance wire strand distribution along the length of the double coated layer and the center of the resistance wire strand is composed of an integral type can be directly heated according to bending and can closely contact with the heated part of the monomer. Heating, according to the shape and size of single objects and repeated heating wound with sheet metal wire, and then the multiple parallel single transverse woven together, the formation can be directly enclosed in be used directly heated objects on the weaving type high temperature electric heater.

Summary: the above is about the pipeline heater structure and working principle of the relevant information, for reference only, we hope to help. If you want to know more about it, you can pay attention to the family network information.

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