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However, as modern cities are busy and stressful, they often neglect the importance of their own health. The incidence of obesity, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and other diseases continues to grow, so that breakfast is important to people. So there are many breakfast machines on the market. Many people have not used them. How can I use the breakfast machine? Here’s a brief introduction to how to use the breakfast machine.

How do you use the breakfast machine?

· oven

1. place the food on the grill, and bring the food with oil or juice on the food tray.

2. switch the timing switch to the required timing gear.

3. when baking food takes less than 10 minutes, first turn the timer for 10 minutes and then turn to the desired time.

4. continuous use, because the oven chamber temperature, the use of time than the first short.

5. when the clock is finished, a crisp bell will be heard, indicating the end of the oven. Open the glass door and remove the food or food dish with insulated gloves so as not to burn.

6., in the process of baking, such as the need to half-way out of food, first of all, turn the timing switch to “ turn off ” position, and hear a bell, and then open the oven door to remove food.

7. unplug the power after use and move it when it cools completely.

· fried eggs

1. before you fry, you need to rotate the function switch and preheat it for 5 minutes.

2. switch the timer to 8~10 minutes.

3. switch the function switch to the gear.

4. add a small amount of oil in the pan (Note: the amount of oil should not exceed 5 mm), and then beat the eggs in the pan.

5. unplug the power after use and let it cool before moving it.

At the end of 6., switch all the switches to “ turn off ” gear position.

· coffee machine

1. pour the coffee powder into the funnel and add some water to the coffee pot. Finally, close the lid of the coffee pot (Note: water shall not exceed the capacity indicated by the coffee pot).

2. place the coffee cup on the insulation board, then turn on the coffee maker and make the coffee. Please don’t open the lid of the coffee pot in order to avoid steam wounding.

3., after the coffee, the heat preservation board has the waste heat, please do not touch, press the coffee switch, unplug the power supply. Remove the coffee cup until no coffee comes out.

4. if there is coffee splashing on the insulation board, wait for the heat preservation board to cool before you can wipe it with dry cloth.

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