Brand marketing as a priority, the status quo flooring industry is worrying

Flooring industry, in the brand segmentation of the market, the delicate 80\/20 rule magic effective: that is, 20% of the strong brands occupy 80% of the market share, 80% of vulnerable brands can only be divided into 20% market share. This directly illustrates the importance of brand building, and if the flooring enterprises want to get rid of the embarrassing situation which is hard to support in very limited space, it is urgent to carry out brand marketing. However, the status quo of the flooring industry is worrying.
Brand consciousness is weak, the phenomenon of hollowing out is serious
The concept of brand into China late, knowledge base of enterprises in brand in terms of brand awareness is very shallow, on the surface, to really understand the connotation of the brand of entrepreneurs and enterprise operators rarely, there are even a lot of prejudice and misunderstanding. Some enterprises regard famous products as brands; some enterprises regard trademarks as brands; some enterprises only have product category names, and there is no brand name at all. Because of the long-term value of the brand and the brand of the full range of assets lack of profound understanding, caused the phenomena, mostly only brand visibility and visual recognition, brand perceived quality, brand association, brand loyalty, brand is the lack of cultural connotation.
Brand positioning is similar, design lacks personality
Brand positioning is to own brand in the market to establish a clear, distinct from rival brands, to meet consumer needs image, its purpose is to occupy a favorable position in the minds of potential consumers. Brand is not just a name and logo, a successful brand name has a series of rich connotations, while consumers usually understand and identify the value of products and enterprises with brand names. Therefore, to have a new and unique brand name and brand mark is of vital importance to the enterprise. And our country floor brand name similar phenomenon is very common, flooring enterprises want to play its promotional products through brand name, establish enterprise image and promote enterprise development and other aspects of the desire to achieve, naturally difficult to achieve.
Advertising is too blind, regardless of cost
In China’s business world, there is a popular view that brand building requires strong brand communication, and their relationship is proportional to. This does not seem wrong, the brand needs to spread, brand building is inseparable from the role of advertising. But many flooring companies exaggerate the role of advertising, they think: advertising brand is playing out, as long as the money to advertise, you can make a brand, so these enterprises invested in advertising often regardless of cost, large scale advertising can indeed enhance brand awareness in the short term, to promote product sales but often, so there exists blindness, great “ wasted half of advertising, but I do not know where the waste is in ” according to a domestic authoritative Market Research Report shows: China enterprise advertising investment into each increase one times, only to gain market share average growth of 3.5%. These enterprises expect high advertising investment to bring stability and sustained market share, may be wishful thinking wishful thinking!
Ignoring brand management and not understanding product innovation
At present, although the brand awareness of the flooring enterprises has increased somewhat, the management of the brand is still very little known. In practice, most of the management of flooring enterprises still stay in the product age, rather than the brand era. Brand management is different from the way and principle of product management. For example, in the brand marketing of flooring enterprises, the phenomenon of brand life cycle exists generally. The reason is that many enterprises pay attention to brand building, but ignore the brand management. In fact, enterprise brand marketing is a complete process including brand building and brand management. To strengthen the management of the brand that has been created, and make it constantly amended and perfect, in order to enhance brand value and accumulate greater brand equity. On the contrary, ignoring brand management may damage the brand that has been shaped, or gradually reduce the value of the brand. Especially in the fierce competition in the brand, relax brand management is tantamount to give up carefully nurtured brands. The market competition is the process of bringing forth the new, and the famous brand products must also be constantly innovating, and the enterprise will lose the impetus to advance after leaving the innovation.
All marketing activities and market values revolve around the brand, which is the most essential characteristic of the brand era, and the marketing also develops into brand marketing accordingly. Flooring enterprises have brand, that is, to have the market, that is, with the present and the future, you can get the greatest market value.

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