“Big ears Tutu” made special founding domestic animation made a new way

“Big ears Tutu delicacy Rhapsody” is currently the national theaters aggressively, in more than a large attack, the box office is still ranked in the same schedule of the first domestic animation. Today, the film side exposed behind the scenes featurette, a number of creative behind the scenes share their creation feelings, took 5 years to create the most suitable for the whole family to watch this summer “ nutrition animation ”: Friends of the strength, will help you break through difficulties, the whole family together is the most beautiful time!

Our professor with the disciples to create a portrait of joining the animation new form

Today, the “big ears of Tutu delicacy Rhapsody” featurette behind the scenes exposure, a number of creative behind the scenes come to the foreground, share their creation and the audience feel.

Led by Professor Zhao Ningyu of the North team performances, live appearance interpretation of animation script, lay the foundation for film production. It is very rare in the domestic animation film, have to admire the courage and to speed up the director to adhere to the movie.

In the special edition can see actors vivid show cartoon plot, from the character of the tone and attitude to the overall rhythm, positioning, and even some belong to the film act is behaved most incisive. They created the body language of the animated characters perfectly and made the audience feel like they were in a movie scene! But Zhao Ningyu also admitted that the beginning of the creation of animation is not smooth: “ the live performances are beginning to have a process of exploration, we perennial TV drama performances, so it is a way of life, and the cartoon plot is very distinctive, decisive action. &rdquo recalls the early stages of creative writing and the director’s high demands for detail, putting pressure on the entire team.

In a team and director Superdata and run in, Professor Zhao team finally broke through the traditional performances have limitations, find the animated film feeling show. Professor Zhao’s heart was very happy, especially when he saw the performance pictures being used in the movies. It is the director and Professor Zhao Ningyu and the team to speed up a stick, just let Tutu “big ears of delicacy Rhapsody” received a lot of praise, more the audience said, this is “ in recent years saw one of the highest degree of domestic animation ”.

Teachers, relatives and friends go into battle to make the best nutrition animation for families

As the “big ears of Tutu delicacy Rhapsody” advisor, Professor Qian Yunda, deputy director of Shanghai’s art film studio director, former director Superdata also expressed his big ears Tutu movie pleasure, he thinks Tutu is &ldquo can reflect our real life; ” and this story. It is the lack of our present in the film market, so he believes Tutu can have a brilliant future!

Tutu cute image has been loved by the audience, and this observation should be attributed to speed up the speed of KTH father for life bit by bit. Tutu’s big ears from the speed old grandson, hair ideas from his niece when merging folk paper-cut easygoing and simple style, can create such an irreplaceable, the one and only the image of Tutu.

Of course, Tutu film was such a good reputation, cannot do without all the creative behind the scenes of the work style and stick to the audience a responsible attitude, from the art style, detail, story design to the film will be responsible for the society, the audience “ ” purpose in the first place to let the Tutu the movie is now “ children love to watch, parents at ease ” the perfect present.

The film has the advantages of simple manufacture, conform to no conventional pattern painting, make people feel fresh and not messy. Behind the scenes creators consider children’s viewing experience, not only rich and colorful color, let the children produce aesthetic visual fatigue, but also to choose only the 2D version, the children in the enjoyment of the film at the same time, also do not have to worry about the problem of healthy vision. There are such a group of people who insist on thinking about their children, and they are working hard. They are lucky for their children, parents and the entire domestic animated films.

Joker Caodao led the Queen’s Ci good music for good movie spice

I believe that watching the “big ears Tutu’s food Rhapsody” audience must recall the soundtrack. The soundtrack for the movie spice, good music behind there is a group of musicians full of wit.

The film once a year to forget &ldquo ” brainwashed Divine Comedy; “eating”, written by Tutu and Huang Xinzhen lyricist, by former “day”, “old friends” as fireworks, “still life” and other well-known film music of Zhang Yang himself, the melody is simple, catchy lyrics, people heard remember, after listening to it can not help but follow them up. The teacher tells the story of Zhang Yang birth of the Divine Comedy, according to his stories and images in space, and the audience before the feelings of Tutu and so many factors will be taken into account, and then slowly fusion. Such a cheerful song, but can not be separated from countless attempts and grinding, it is hard won ah.

In addition to “eating to eat”, the film also has a strength episode, “there is always sunshine waiting.”. Lyrics were once Joker the “ugly eight strange” lyrics, Shanghai film group, the famous playwright composer is Gan Shijia; wrote the animated film “the adventures of sloppy king” the theme song of the Shanghai animation film studio of famous composer Zheng Fang; the singer is graduated from the Shanghai Conservatory Of Music Department of musical Zhu Zirong, she was in the first China youth School Musical “I mad song” played the Cong rong. The infectious music and it is full of resonance lines, let the audience was moved by Tutu and the play between the father and mother of the family, also can understand the film to express the “ the family together is the best time of ”.

It’s not surprising that the music of the big ears Tutu’s Rhapsody of love can be brainwashed and caught up in the power of such a powerful soundtrack behind the scenes.

The family is happy to see the world from a child’s perspective

As the speed of the director said, Tutu is a “ good conscience animated film ”. “Big ears Tutu” series focuses on the growth of the only child, the education problem, is intended to guide children in the right direction and progress, from a young age to establish a correct outlook on life, morality, values. Since its broadcast, it has been well received by children, parents and people in the industry.

Professor Zhao Ningyu borrowed from Tutu’s big film evaluation: “ Tutu is not only a family movie, but also let the children through the process of watching the film, to experience the growth. Tutu’s film, which looks at the world from a child’s point of view and its eyes, is not a didactic way to teach a child to grow up. It is very commendable. And combining the theme of food, both for parents and children have a very strong appeal, is a very ornamental works. ”

“Big ears Tutu Rhapsody” is the national delicacy theaters aggressively, believe that you feel the most nutritious, the intentions of the domestic animation film with the film will be in the summer!

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