Bathroom industry surging, enterprise innovation and development

[this year’s bathroom industry can be described as ups and downs, and if you want to count keywords, it must be “ cross-border ” and “ transformation ”. Not long ago, the acquisition of high Liansu successfully cross bathroom. With the crossover of many amateurs, the competition in the bathroom industry is becoming more and more fierce. As people marvel at its growing ranks, they are also beginning to worry about the development of less sophisticated bathroom tanks. These gradually marginalized enterprises began to strive to transition, change their destiny.
Change: internal transformation to promote industrial upgrading
With the real estate market “ gold ten years ” gradually fade, China ceramic bathroom industry change rapidly. Since the beginning of this year, in the market environment, many people in the industry have proposed to achieve industrial restructuring, especially in green growth this piece, has become a screening condition for the industry reshuffle. A bathroom brand responsible person said that the change from the internal transformation, and the so-called &ldquo ” internal transformation; first should include the construction of corporate culture and product development to accelerate the transformation of enterprise marketing, is worthy of attention.
In this regard, there are also industry insiders believe that the bathroom industry in the experience of “ winter ” and after the crisis, the need for a precipitation, precipitation in the process of development in the past, especially in labor relations and employment problems. The more it is in “ the cold winter ” the more you have to use this schedule to adjust this problem, so as to promote the transformation and upgrading of the industry.
Single-minded: a professional profession
“ we do not get involved in tiles, sanitary ware industry, because I think the bathroom industry has a lot of imported brands, they have done so for many years, the model has been very mature, we are now entering, certainly can not catch up with the pace of others. It is amazing that one person can accomplish one thing in a lifetime. If we want to do several things at once, we must not be energetic enough. “&rdquo,” said Gong Zhiyun, general manager of Marco Polo’s division.
Similarly, there are many such professionals in the bathroom field. Specificity is not difficult, difficult in the enterprise can adhere to the same one hundred years, however, the diversified development of enterprises must think twice, because diversity must be based on powerful strength first extension of the industrial chain, such as focusing on the sanitary water tank as scavenger. If not to reach the technical requirement and funding levels, you will lose the important support of the whole industry chain, multi road is certainly not far away.
To control: become specialized, diversified pursuit of the road
Therefore, the industry has also suggested that the current market diversification, if we rely on people, the ability to control channels, expansion capabilities. Every branch of the initial investment will reach tens of millions, while the main maintenance and upgrade, expand research and development and terminal capacity expansion, new products, need to have innovation and talent group as a driving mechanism. Diversity and specificity, after all, in fact, balance of the main side of page two, for the maintenance and upgrade of industry, set up and the internal mechanism of innovation, is the professional diversification on the road. Thus, the industry laments: “to do the whole industry chain, we must day, geography, people and three, each enterprise, each stage has its own road of development, must look before you leap.”.

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