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Glass door is a more widely used door, especially in the bathroom, more frequently used here, we call the bathroom glass door, specially made in the bathroom shower room glass door. This kind of glass door can not only connect the bathroom into a whole, but also make the bathroom open and transparent. It is also a very good glass partition. But how much do you know about the price of the bathroom door? Today, Xiaobian here for you to introduce the bathroom glass door prices related knowledge, I hope we can understand the bathroom glass door helpful.

Toilet glass door

Toilet glass door是指卫生间里淋浴房玻璃门,在卫生间里常常有一个独立的淋浴房的安装,为了不占用卫生间的空间,淋浴房在安装的时候通常是选用玻璃作为它的基本材料,玻璃门在卫生间里是一个透明东西,它不会阻碍我们空间视觉效果,这是我们为什么在卫生间选择安装玻璃门的主要因素。

Glass door is a kind of special door, neither belong to the solid door, nor belong to the special-shaped door, and the glass material can be processed by the opaque or translucent door, also can make the whole transparent door. Choose what kind of material in the bathroom door, mainly to see a specific location installed in the bathroom. Under normal circumstances, for the bathroom outside the Department, we use toughened processing of opaque glass doors, and the internal bath, shower room, partition door, choose transparent glass door. Opaque glass door is mainly played a hidden role, transparent glass doors mainly play a partition, and extend the role of space.

Toilet glass door尺寸

那么我们在安装卫生间玻璃的时候应该选用的Toilet glass door尺寸是多少呢?这个Toilet glass door尺寸一般应该为800mm*1800mm,这个尺寸是我们在安装Toilet glass door中的一个标准尺寸,所以也建议大家选择这个尺寸的Toilet glass door来安装。

Toilet glass door的选购技巧

1, buy well-known brands

Many small manufacturers use semi toughened glass or hot bending glass in order to reduce costs. These shower rooms made of glass are easily affected by external factors and are likely to burst. The damage can not be avoided.

2 listen to the sound of glass

Choose the shower room glass doors, to knuckled glass, listen to the sound of glass, if the sound is more clear than the dull sound of tempered glass, if it is ordinary glass, ordinary glass hardness not enough, can withstand the pressure and impact force is not enough, still prone to burst in the process of using in.

3. Touch glass smoothness

Toughened glass will be more smooth than ordinary glass, and touch the surface of toughened glass by hand. It will have a concave and convex feeling. Observe the longer side of tempered glass, there will be a certain radian. Put two large tempered glass together, the radian will be more obvious.

4. Observe the appearance of glass

See whether the glass is transparent, whether there are miscellaneous points, bubbles and other defects. The impurity or process defects in making glass materials can cause defects such as impurities and bubbles, and reduce the hardness and strength of the glass. Wear polarized sunglasses to watch glass, and tempered glass should show a streak of colored stripes. If you look at the glass on the light side, there will be a blue spot of toughened glass. At the same time, authentic tempered glass, careful look, there will be faint patterns.

Toilet glass door价格

Toilet glass door价格根据厚度不同,其价格也有较大的差异,一般Toilet glass door价格都是按照平米来出售的,所以小编在这里为大家简单介绍一下卫生间玻璃价格。

Ordinary glass door price: 1cm thickness of 52-55 per square meter, 1.2cm thick glass 62-67 per square meter, glass doors are mostly made of 1cm thick or 1.2cm thick glass.

Tempered glass prices: 1cm thick tempered 75 per square, 1.2cm thick steel 85 per square.

Tempered and ordinary respectively: toughened, broken into a grain of small, ordinary is a piece of different sizes.

以上关于Toilet glass door以及Toilet glass door价格就简单介绍到这里了,希望对您有所帮助。如果大家对于Toilet glass door还有其他疑问,欢迎留言提问,我们将尽快为您解答,大家也可以去齐家线下体验馆咨询!更多资讯,尽在齐家网,敬请期待。

Bathroom glass door

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