Bathroom enterprises should not fall into the exhibition misunderstanding

[mid April is a time when various fairs are being carried out, and with the differentiation of products and services and the intensification of market competition, it is an important business activity for the sanitary ware enterprises to participate in the exhibition and promote the products. The attraction of the exhibition is that it can deliver the features of the products in time and communicate with the target customers directly, and achieve the purpose of business cooperation in a fast time. However, many enterprises in order to use products repeatedly exposure, blind to participate in various exhibitions, and gradually into the misunderstanding, making the exhibition effect is not satisfactory.
Lack of training before exhibition, mistakes and omissions in development
The exhibition, marketing managers and marketing personnel of enterprises participating purpose is not very clear, can not say clearly to exhibitors and to achieve the goal; new products to be the exhibition is not very understanding, can not accurately convey the new product type, characteristics, location and price of basic information, not actively the effect on the promotion of new products; information asymmetry between different departments, not on the exhibition work system, coordination and uncertainty and rapid response, such as do not understand marketing product design intent; do not know the design of marketing rules and requirements; do not clear reception the division of personnel, the problems do not know who, in the exhibition of chaos such as the battlefield. The above situation shows that bathroom enterprises in daily work there are many blind spots, before the exhibition has not established corresponding warning system, nor for how to deal with these problems corresponding training.
Old marketing methods, customers do not want to see more
The exhibition is the market “ mirror ” the market has undergone great changes, marketing channels, marketing objects, marketers, marketing services and quality, marketing tools, etc., is changing dramatically. Star endorsement date, beauty marketing work, the brigade tour exhibition does not work … … those who used tricks to the customers are out of date, perhaps the scene was sensational, but still did not remember the enterprise after the busy. Marketing method is important, but more importantly, sanitary ware enterprises in the product, service and communication quality work hard, can really achieve the purpose of exhibition.
The lack of new exhibition mode brand publicity “ suck ”
The guests to and from the exhibition although to leave the address or name card, after the show basically no effective sorting, analysis, not even after the show to strike while the iron is hot tracking links, mining valuable customers, this exhibition has little effect.
Many exhibitors are still very traditional product manuals, many of them only take into account the beauty and artistry, ignore the manual system, functionality and convenience, so that publicity materials do not play its proper role. In addition, enterprise brand communication is often lack of unity and focus. Therefore, during the exhibition, enterprises should be more powerful to promote the focus has become the name — — enterprise name or brand name. Many enterprises do not grasp well, self confusion, weakened the brand spread, put the cart before the horse.
Post exhibition work waste and waste of exhibition resources
A lot of enterprises before the exhibition is full mobilization, put up a pageantry before the show into the night, continuous fighting, assault proofing exhibit exhibition; shuttle service to dealers or potential customers eat to live hospitality, product launches and marketing conference, the bombing of lobbying, persuade customers under the orders, open stores; large scale temperature fall, after the show problems, once the dealers to join, follow-up services and product supply and in front of the promised far worse, and steep drop dealers. These “ after development syndrome ” very common, leading to decline in corporate reputation, loss of dealers, inputs and returns are not equal, the effect of the exhibition is greatly reduced. Thus, the bathroom business does not work hard preparation, before the show and exhibition service after tracking ready, not fully prepared in production, technical system construction and production capacity, even if the show is a sensation, is also difficult to realize the value of the exhibition.
Exhibitors do not “ greedy ” precision is the last word
At present, no matter what exhibition in China, there are flooding trends, sanitary ware exhibitors are no exception. Therefore, it is suggested that the number of enterprises according to the characteristics of products, their current capacity and market positioning and qualified type exhibition condition wise choice exhibitors location, exhibition, do not bite off more than greedy greedy big clutter, and strive to do is less than ” “ “, small is big, try to consider participating in a number of ” the well-known professional exhibition, so as to achieve a multiplier effect.
To sum up, the sanitary enterprises don’t misunderstand the above, we must analyze on the market, products and competitors well before the exhibition; to do the overall planning, organization, arrangement and evaluation of the exhibition; to do comprehensive training and the regulation of the exhibitors exhibitors; set targets clear and methods, to achieve the goal approaches and strategies; to the participating product technical preparing and product design and production; at the same time in the exhibition and exhibition after tracking and tracking service, and timely summary of the results and evaluation for sanitary ware enterprise strategic adjustment to make a positive response, so as to achieve the real victory exhibition.

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