Bathroom enterprises need to clear the open system to adapt to the pace of development of the times

[] along with the economic growth speed, economic globalization and market integration has become a norm today, foreign development system of the enterprise began to appear very important, because it will determine the core competitive ability. If enterprises want to improve their position in the market trade pattern, they must make clear their own development goals, and make clear their own opening system.
Open procurement system
Sanitary ware enterprises in the procurement of raw materials, we should change the procurement system, from a specific purchase channels into multi-channel purchase. For example, the introduction of large-scale third party products, and even increase the import of raw materials to broaden the purchase channels; moreover, do not stick to the traditional sanitary enterprises purchase, procurement attitude to use the network platform to open, the application of logistics to transport goods.
Open production system
Sanitary enterprises should also further open production system, first of all, to innovative products and production process, ensure the quality and appearance of products; secondly, to improve the production system according to the new consumer demand for environmentally friendly products and personalized; finally, to actively introduce advanced science and technology, promote the production of machinery replacement for production system operation escort.
Open sales system
Bathroom enterprises in sales can not rely on the next line of dealers, it is important to follow the trend of the times, and actively develop online sales system. First of all, increase efforts to develop the line of stores, the stability of the enterprise survival foundation; secondly, the development of online stores, Taobao, Jingdong and other active in business platform; finally, also can take the mobile Internet rapid development trend, the development of mobile phone sales client, to achieve multi direction sales targets!
Always insist on openness, further open procurement system, production system and sales system, although the market competition has become increasingly fierce, but as long as the sanitary enterprises followed the pace of the development of the times will be able to occupy a certain market share talent shows itself.

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