Bathroom enterprises “competing” speculation endless, need to pay attention to what kind of work?

[>] in the process of the frequent exchange of many national sanitary ware leading enterprises, the speculation about excellent national sanitary ware enterprise “&ldquo” and “Co opetition &rdquo” is prevalent. “ CO opetition ” the purpose and role of nature is very obvious. What is &ldquo? Coopetition ” coopetition originates from the theory of cooperative competition (cooperation-competitiontheory). The theory of cooperative competition originates from the understanding of the inherent disadvantages of competition and meets the complicated business environment. Enterprise operation is a kind of special game, and it is a non zero sum game that can achieve win-win.
However, it is worth noting that, although in some mature industries by “ &rdquo is the union of the concurrence; even the way to get the development of win-win situation has become one of the widely used strategy, but in the national sanitary enterprises, “ concurrence ” no one is to go through the road. Then, enterprises in the development of “ CO opetition ” what should be paid attention to?
First of all, we should change the way of thinking. Enterprises to “ CO opetition ” first of all need to learn how to share resources; otherwise, there is no way to achieve other enterprises “ Leveraging ” the effect. However, influenced by the traditional thinking in the development of the sense of competition, almost one hundred percent of the enterprises in the development are used to hold a hostile attitude to the competitors, the competition in the market will inevitably exist in various battles; traditional development Si Weizhong, enterprise technology, personnel and other resources is the enterprise sharing things carefully conceal mentioning. Therefore, the enterprise must carry on the cooperation development, to achieve win-win situation in the development of decision makers and employees, enterprises must first break the traditional thinking inertia, dare to technology, channels and even effective sharing of various resources such as personnel, and required the cooperation of enterprises to do without envy, mutual trust. For the leaders of sanitary ware enterprises, this is undoubtedly the biggest obstacle to co opetition, but also the key to the success of CO opetition.
Second, a change in behavior patterns. All along, the bathroom industry “ the development of chaos ” is obvious to all. In the chaos and disorderly competition, many enterprises have to bring their strength through a rhetorical way, no way to be frank. It has even become a habit. In order to achieve the enterprise competition, which requires the participation of enterprise cooperation in at least some aspects to the real strength of one another, and don’t really share these resources; only in this way, enterprises can trust each other and effective force, so as to realize the competitive development.
Thirdly, it is a change of development mode. The merger is not simple competitive exchange experience, to achieve mutual leveraging, common use and unified management in the development of enterprises must carry out resource technology, personnel, equipment, must be relative to the independent enterprises to set up the corresponding management team and implementation team. Therefore, in the process of CO opetition, some decisions or development potential of enterprises need to be checked and balanced by other enterprises, and also subject to the checks and balances of the alliance organizations. Therefore, in the development of enterprises, it is necessary to change the mode of development, both from competition in order to obtain their own needs, but also can not become an obstacle to the development of other cooperative enterprises. This is the enterprise can succeed “ coopetition &rdquo difficult point.
Finally, competition between enterprises is not to say that the competition does not exist after the competition; “ collective interests ” of course to consider, but in the process of competition, enterprises still have to get to the development of the &ldquo force; ” and effective game. In addition, for the core secrets of enterprises, it must also have corresponding protection awareness and measures.

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