Based on cabinets, enterprise development, down-to-earth, seize the commanding heights of the market

[] now, along with the influence of various environmental factors, the development of the cabinet enterprise faces many problems, development funds, and so on all channels to bring pressure on the development of the industry, especially the small and medium-sized enterprises, because the compressive capacity is limited, often to the brink of collapse. Therefore, in the face of pressure from all sides, the enterprise should be treated with caution, the adjustment of development policy should pay attention to clear its own position, not aggressive.
Make products with the spirit of seeking truth from facts
No matter which industry, in order to survive in a depressed environment, first of all, this industry will not be eliminated by the market, seriously face the advantages of the enterprise itself, and constantly reform, seeking ways of development. In the new normal, the overall atmosphere of the cabinet industry a bit impetuous, so strong is the certain requirements to the survival of the best, this also means that the cabinet enterprise to pragmatic innovation to intensive and meticulous farming.
The cabinet enterprise how to Wenzhongqiusheng to accelerate the pace of enterprise development, through what way to balance the relationship between the two, this is very important. To the enterprise, the relationship between the management mechanism, the production cost control within the chain to straighten out the personnel, in constant conditions, per capita output high, management mode to save a little, the purchase cost is cheaper, the internal system of enterprise to mastery, but not everywhere; value chain is a foreign product. An enterprise wants to stable development, it should learn the basic skills. Customers look at products may be more than three goods, ask the price, look at the product. But you have to do more and talk more than the client, rather than what he asks and what you answer.
Clear market positioning, cabinet enterprises need ideal thinking
Industry turmoil, homogenization, or price wars, or, in addition to the sureness of products, another way out is your market layout, the choice of customers, as well as the internal system and the system of integration of a product. Enterprises need to integrate their own resources and dealer resources, seek profit growth in the change of channels, and help dealers in the new normal under the new positioning, with a view to better development. As an enterprise, we should do a good job in online and offline product planning and brand planning, speed up brand building, and actively cooperate with dealers to do more value-added services. In the process of channel change, the dealer’s stores, in addition to product sales, but also to become product experience and service center.
At present, a series of problems appear in the cabinet market, including the relationship between the dealer and the cabinet enterprise, etc., and the final return to a fundamental problem is the positioning problem. The position of oneself, the position of development, the position of success and so on. Once the enterprise is willing to spend money and spend time and effort to do a product brand, we must first do their own positioning and planning. This is a whole system project, and the growth of the enterprise can not be reached overnight. It takes time to design, develop, produce, service, and so on, and a whole set of things to keep up with. Now the corporate brand is not to hit the money, and need rational thinking and planning.
The cabinet enterprise want to survive, we must find their own ready to show the location, understand the real needs of consumers, from the brand from the product quality from the start, step by step to customer acceptance, thus truly a space for one person to occupy the market.

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