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Wall paint in accordance with different standards can be divided into different categories. Specifically, it can be classified according to the four dimensions of the substrate, the decorative effect, the use of the site and the use function. The arrangement and combination of the four dimensions lead to a variety of paint categories. In general, the substrate and the use of two types of regional combination for paint naming, such as solvent based exterior wall coating, water soluble interior wall coating, inorganic exterior wall coating, etc.. Next, Xiaobian for everyone to buy wall paint, attention and classification of wall paint.

Attention to wall paint purchase

1, heavy prices and ignore quality

Many people in the purchase of wall paint, it is easy to enter the heavy prices and ignore the quality of misunderstanding. Some think that the higher the price of paint, the better to choose the most expensive one, but the results show that this is not the case. Another extreme consumer, in order to save money, buy the lower the price, the better, so that money saved a lot, but the quality of the wall and indoor environment is worrying. Therefore, we recommend that we consider the price as far as possible, pay attention to the quality of wall finishes, generally choose reputable large brands.

2, heavy packaging and ignore the intrinsic

When consumers buy latex paint, always look at its packaging, it is very necessary. However, we should pay attention to packaging, good paint is not necessarily intrinsic quality excellent. Some manufacturers in order to attract customers, in the product packaging on the article, deliberately exaggerated product performance. Therefore, consumers should not only look at the product packaging, but also pay attention to other aspects, such as inspection of products, such as detailed inspection list.

3, color cards and wall color is exactly the same

Many consumers think that the color of the paint on the color card and the color of the wall are exactly the same, which is a misunderstanding. Because of light, reflection and other reasons, the room walls are painted on all sides, the wall color will look deeper than the color card. The color that consumers see on the color card is usually different from the actual color behind the wall. Therefore, it is recommended that consumers choose color in the color card, it is best to choose their favorite color slightly lighter color number, and if you like dark walls, you can tune with the selected color card consistent.

4. Paint value is not estimated in advance

Many consumers did not advance the estimated amount of paint, even less buy paint, buy always The more, the better. This may lead to waste of materials, increasing the cost of home improvement, while piling up too much paint, also have a certain impact on construction safety. Therefore, it is suggested that consumers should look at the area of the construction area before construction so as to estimate the amount of materials purchased. It is easy to estimate the amount of paint to be painted: the required amount of paint (L) = (wall area x2.5) \/ per liter of paint area.

5, odorless, that is environmentally friendly

Many people use smell to judge the safety of wall paint, that low odor odor is environmental protection wall paint. This is a big misunderstanding. Because by adding flavor or using low flavor materials can achieve odorless, so odorless paint is not all environmentally friendly non-toxic. Judge the environmental protection of metope paint, the most professional method is to see whether its environmental protection index accords with standard. There are three key environmental indicators of wall paint: VOC, free formaldehyde, heavy metal.

Classification of wall paint

According to the substrate: can be divided into organic coatings, inorganic coatings, organic inorganic composite coatings. Among them, organic coatings including solvent, emulsion and water soluble organic coatings, inorganic coatings include traditional cement and lime.

According to decorative effect: can be divided into surface smooth surface coating, surface sand, decorative effect of sand wall coating, forming concave convex pattern, three-dimensional decorative effect of complex coating.

According to the use area: can be divided into interior wall coating, exterior wall coating.

According to the use of function: can be divided into decorative coatings, special functional coatings (such as fire retardant paint, mildew coating, waterproof coating, elastic coating, etc.).

Features of wall paint

1, covering power: refers to the color paint evenly coated black and white grid, so that its black-and-white lattice no longer presents the minimum amount of paint, expressed in g\/m2. The greater the weight, the weaker the covering power, the stronger the covering power, the less the amount of paint used per unit area.

2, fineness is good: refers to the size of paint particles and dispersed evenly. The fineness of the film directly affects the smoothness, luster and water permeability of the coating surface. Generally speaking, the thinner the paint, the higher the price.

3, strong adhesion: that the coating adhesion with grass, degree of fastness between the coating and the coated surface by a combination of physical and chemical effects of the coated surface is bare substrate can also be coated substrates. Adhesion of wall paint is not easy to fall off, affecting the wall beautiful.

4, strong viscosity refers to paint viscosity, can use paint viscosity measurement instrument, an important indicator of the viscosity of the coating performance is for the storage stability of the coatings, construction performance and film-forming properties can have a significant impact. Paint is too thick, it is not easy to paint, but too thin and easy to fall, so the viscosity of paint to be controlled within a certain range.

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