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In Home Furnishing decoration, water reform can be said to be the most important, because water reform has a very important role in our lives, and these hydropower transformation is usually called hidden works, are hidden in the decoration, if after the problems so it will be a very bad thing. If you do not pay attention to the decoration, it is easy to bring a lot of trouble in the future life. But do you know the points for attention to hydropower transformation? Xiaobian here for you to introduce the new house to pay attention to the relevant knowledge of hydropower, and we hope to be able to help.

Hydropower transformation notice two, circuit part

First, the design of the circuit must consider in detail the possibility, feasibility, availability, and then determine. No one would like to fill the wall of a new house with wires. Circuit design should also pay attention to its flexibility, and sometimes can not be too “ comprehensive &rdquo. The death of the conclusion of a relatively simple principle: focus on the electrical plug position to consider the future by one strip, often better than the effect of setting wall socket;

Two, socket position is very important, often have socket just behind the bedside table, cause cabinet can not rely on the wall. Let’s put the edge of socket is generally not wrong as far as possible, but if you put the outlet position keep regular, it is possible with the furniture or appliances installed in conflict, the students remember;

Three, the bedroom lamp can be considered a double control (bed and door); some kitchen or socket with switch is convenient, in order to avoid such as days after the electric cooker plug should always pull to unplug inconvenient. The living room lamp can be considered with control switch according to the needs of life (and back to the bedroom door at the hall door);

Four, how to charge the cassette must advance the good, this is the water circuit transformation of the most insidious and dark profit point. A magazine on the market is one or two dollars, and the renovation team tend to charge more than ten dollars, the number of the general Jiezhuang need less cassette to have five, sixty. So it’s normal for students to throw hundreds of dollars for that.

Xinxiang housing renovation must see: new house water and electricity transformation notice (most detailed)

1, pay attention to observe the telephone socket, cable socket, whether there are modules, with mirror and coat hook space, to consider the mirror near the lighting; surround sound line should be in circuit reform should be buried.

2, master bedroom, living room, bathrooms should be based on personal habits and convenience to consider the preset telephone line behind the TV; no need to set too many outlets, preferably after a strip on the TV side. Note that the strong and weak wires can not be in the same pipe, there will be interference;

3, living room, kitchen, bathroom, if brick laying, some locations can be properly considered, do not slotted wiring;

4, fan switch, telephone sockets should be installed near the toilet, not into the bathroom door wall; Yuba should consider mounted near the shower or bath, not installed in the center of the toilet;

Attention to hydropower transformation, waterway section

A waterway design first to be good and all water related equipment, such as: water purifier, water heater, kitchen, toilet and wash basin treasure, their location, installation and the need to think ahead with hot water; gas or electric water heater, temporary replacement water heater type avoided. Water lead to repeated transformation;

Two, the pressure test, the best owners presence, can play a supervisory role; because some decoration team will deceive the owners in this link. The method is: when the pressure, open the pump pressure “ backwater valve ” pump pressure to form a loop, although look at work, but the tube and not much pressure, especially for electric pump pressure, the students should pay more attention to. If you don’t understand, ask a professional to take a look at it.

Three, if the excess must be closed drain, drain and drain blocked the gap between, to prevent water spill down; in addition to the bathroom to wash basin, toilet, washing machine, water outlet, preferably by one out of water after mopping the floor is very convenient; it depends on the people love the owners.

Four, water reform should have pressure test, but now many decoration team did not suppress the test. They will cheat you in a lot of ways, say what does not have to suppress ah, there is pressure in the water pipe, ah, and so on. The position of the washing machine after the washing machine drainage can be considered to be the drainage pipe inside the wall, beautiful and convenient; there is especially important, it is best not to use the washing machine drain water seal floor drain, drainage washing machine speed is very fast, the displacement of large, deep water seal floor drain water speed cannot meet the. The water poured directly lead to overflow;

Five, Shoufang should check the kitchen and toilet each outlet is smooth, if slow drainage should be timely to let the property dredge; should be protected on the drain during the renovation, especially during the tiles on the kitchen, the most easy to cause the fall into the drain caused by the blockage of cement;

When the waterway is reconstructed, the cold and hot water pipes which are reserved for the electric water heater and water diversion head should be paid attention to at four points:

1, cold and hot water pipe mouth height is consistent;

2, cold and hot water pipes should be higher than the mouth wall two cm, also should be paved with tiles puwan tile Wagong requirements, to ensure the same level of pipe wall and pipe. The size is not appropriate, after installing water tap water heaters, etc., it may need to purchase another hoop, wire connectors to complete installation;

3, cold and hot water pipes in vertical wall after wall should also pay attention to don’t let Wagong warped (not vertical, after installation can be difficult);

4, to ensure that the distance between 15 cm (now most of the electric water heater, water faucet, hot and cold water, water spacing is 15 cm, there is another 10 cm);

Hydropower construction should be cautious

Now the material management of building materials market is not standardized, the purchase of wires, switches, lamps, water and electricity material when not cheaper, to buy the regular manufacturers of products, at the same time to carefully check the production license, business license, certification and testing reports, 3C data are complete, and to open a formal invoice. Hydropower construction process, the main attention to the following points:

1, drilling holes do not put the original wire pipe or water heating pipeline damage. When the electric pipeline is laid, it is necessary to wear the pipe, not to bury the wire directly on the ground or wall, so that it is not only unsafe, but can not be repaired once it is damaged. Plumbing pipes in good, must be suppressed test, qualified after the next process, to prevent leakage of water pipe damage.

2, kitchen and toilet need to do waterproof parts, finished waterproof must do closed water test, qualified after paste.

3, wire joints must rinse tin, kitchen and bathroom joints suggest to do waterproof treatment, joints can use high pressure self-adhesive tape and black adhesive bandage.

4, weight more than 3 kilograms of lamps, must be fixed by screw or embedded on the hanging hook, prohibit the use of fixed wedge; metal shell lamp mounting height less than 2.4 meters must do protective earthing, must use the toilet waterproof socket.

Hydropower construction mainly pays attention to four aspects

1, the design should be reasonable. The water circuit should be reasonable, safe, practical and protective.

2, the material should be qualified. Water and electricity materials, if regular brand products.

3, construction should be standardized. All wires must be worn through the pipe. The elbows must be bent and the ground wire should be treated as required.

4, acceptance should be rigorous. All the hydropower construction techniques should be in place and conform to the construction specifications.

Summary: on the new house to pay attention to hydropower and hydropower construction to note the relevant information for everyone here, and I hope this article will help you. If you don’t understand anything, you can leave a message for me in the bottom. Oh, we will answer for you as soon as possible.

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