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Art glass doors are made of art glass. Art glass door with its special artistic characteristics, color and style are consistent with people’s aesthetic view. Therefore, it has been favored by the vast numbers of consumers. Art glass door types and materials increasingly rich, and its range of application is more and more widely, mainly used in KTV, advanced residential villas, Western restaurants, cafes interior decoration, and so on. Let’s take a look at the art glass door related knowledge.

Art glass door type

Not all art glass can be made of art glass door, but some are more suitable for making, partition, wall modeling and so on. Only part of it meets the requirements of the door. The following is the art of making glass doors.

1, embossed glass door:

The white glass will be heated two times, and the pattern will be pressed out with a carved pattern, similar to the principle of printing. Embossed glass opaque, suitable for doors and windows, partitions, etc., but because of the thickness of embossed glass is limited, generally thin, so not and do modeling, not enough atmosphere.

2, laminated glass door:

The pattern of glass and even other materials such as metal wire by PVB membrane, high temperature and high pressure after together, is the biggest characteristic of safety, high strength, suggest adopting of families with children, it is not easy to break, even if broken and glued together, will not cause harm, appearance is good, you can also add celebrity pictures stamps, coins, and specimens. Personalized. Hilton Hotel bathroom door and inside the partition is the use of this, more on the grade.

3 glazed glass door:

Dissolve the glass, add a variety of colors, cool in the mold, bright colors. Strong decorative effect. But the area is small and the price is more expensive.

Two, art glass door to buy

1, choose to buy art glass door, the best thing to customer satisfaction or customer service service trustworthy Home Furnishing shopping malls, goods than three, in the same style, brand goods, should be considered from the quality, price, service etc.. That is to buy the most cost-effective products, only in line with our needs.

2, before buying, you should know the decoration style, where to put, as well as the overall decoration color collocation, whether to use toughened glass. Art glass door decoration must match the style, can be called perfect. As we all know, if you don’t match properly, you don’t have to say the effect. Color, style and style.

3. What is the thickness of the glass door?. When you need to provide customized product size, should be carefully checked, confirmed after the error, you can submit orders made by the merchant. The name, specification, quantity, price and amount of the art glass must be indicated on the invoice and contract.

Three. The price of art glass door

General embossing glass door price is 150 yuan \/ square meter, laminated glass door price between 400-700 yuan. Hot melt glass door price is 750-1300 yuan. Glazed glass doors, bright colors, decorative better, the price is more than 1500.

The above categories of art glass door, art glass door price and art glass door purchase here briefly, and I hope to help you. For more information, please stay tuned.

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