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The emergence of art glass door is a manifestation of beauty, it is full of a strong artistic atmosphere. The art glass door is usually installed and indoors. Now it has not only the function of separating and protecting furniture, but also becomes an ornament for people to appreciate and give people a sense of beauty. The following Xiaobian recommend several art glass door and art glass door production process, take a look at it.

Art glass door products recommended

Art glass door: Section 1

Product features: keep a round piece of glass in the color of silver glass decoration, in which carved, half transparent half flowers, there is another kind of beauty. Flowers and leaves in the color of the use of light and shade is also very in place, giving a three-dimensional feeling.

Dark golden mirror stroke and vine like flowers, decorated with Rhinestones on a few different sizes, Chinese and Western in full glass art picture.

Product theme: flowers in the mirror.

Product specification: 2330*650mm (customizable)

Reference price: 680 yuan \/ square meter

Art glass door: second models

Product features: the background of glass carving techniques and silver decoration into the bare wall effect, not only more good-looking, partly hidden and partly visible hazy beauty. White magnolia to shining gold foil as the core, both to avoid the plain, but also to make it more dazzling light.

Product Name: Magnolia

Product specification: 2330*650mm (customizable)

Reference price: 700 yuan \/ square meter

The glass with gold and silver, in no light condition, the silver foil will emit a faint gold or silver light, so light conditions more gorgeous than. This kind of translucent Yulan is very suitable for a screen. The price is very reasonable. You can start with a friend who likes literature, sex and quiet.

Art glass door making process

An etching: corrosion on the surface of glass with acidic liquid against the good material: paper carving: carving machine carving out tape: for cross section of protective glass must not be sealed edge bonding between acid erosion and protective film and paper carving, ensure the acidic liquid will not come into contact with the tape into the inside the surface of the glass caused by erosion of the back of the glass protective film on glass surface: the protection of the back of the glass is not acid erosion protective film should be smooth, no hard material between the contact surface protective film and glass, sand and other debris to ensure the protective film is not broken blade: Buckle carving machine good paper carving buckle paper carving in strict accordance with the time machine cut line buckle. Line complex, according to the picture or material, because the line is very messy, easy to buckle wrong, promising where the button should not buckle, so as not to buckle wrong, resulting in loss. Acid tank: size about 1.5 meters X2.4 meters, not too small, avoid, if there is a customer to big glass, can not be processed. Hand guard and other protective labor protection tools: protect the person from the acid liquid during the operation.

Process: 1, 2, drawing carving; stickers buckle paper; 3, add back protection film (plus two times, two times also sealed edge, high safety coefficient); 4, under the acid pool; 5, in a certain period of time (usually to half an hour) put the glass out and rinse with water (with the brush brush) etching pattern was clearly demonstrated on glass surface.

Two, patch patch: glass manufacturers make a good polished glass patch materials needed: adhesive, shipped to dealers (glass and adhesive patch) for chemical bonding adhesive liquid by ultraviolet radiation, strong adhesion. There will be extra toilet paper to wipe the glass glue glue after bonding at the edge of the glass surface is, because of the emulsification process and chemical components, chemical substances and emulsion adhesive contact after a long time, will play a chemical reaction that leads to the failure of the emulsified emulsion, with dirty marks or even emulsion surface disappeared. So in the adhesive glass patch, a piece of dry rub a piece to side edge adhesive. Washing powder and brush: residual glass surface cleaning adhesive. When the glue is dry, the glass patch can not be removed. Wash it with detergent and a small amount of water in time. Rinse it off with clean water. The main brush edge patch and adhesive residue on the surface of emulsion part, other places to brush. Alkaline washing powder will clean adhesive. Brush when you want to scrub the edge of the patch, to ensure that once again clean, two times without rework. In addition to the chip, heat the sticky patch and remove it from the new sticky heating tool. Namely: shadowless lamp lamp for ultraviolet antivirus without UV irradiation on the condition of not doing so after the dry adhesive patch.

Matters needing attention:

1, heating should be uniform, rather slow, don’t worry, uneven heating will lead to glass rupture.

2, when the temperature reaches about 150-200 degrees, the patch is easy to remove.

3, the surface of the emulsion on the patch removed, will leave the traces of previous adhesive, so again stick and when possible in accordance with the previous position of bonding, so as not to appear customers return losses.

4, the glass patch in bonding before drying, must be the surface of glass and patch adhesive surface bubble clean, to ensure that no bubbles. Hand to wipe patch adhesive bonding surface patch, the patch gently deposited on the glass surface, positions, gently press, bubble extrusion. When the bubble is not out of the light can be stubborn about moving, or will be picked up from the new patch from the new glue stick, but must be timely, dry 5 seconds will glue in UV is sufficient, is not sufficient in the case will soon get rid of, so the time must hold good.

5, the best use of patch art glass float glass production, because the power of shadowless glue after considerable glass surface roughness is not enough will increase between the patch and glue dry glass glass glass damage caused tension.

Process: 1, look at the pictures or materials will set the patch on the glass, the proportion of joints and the whole patch patch pattern in the processing of the glass placed in good condition; 2, the prepared toilet paper, wiping edge stick; 3, and after all the sticky patch glue dry patch after fixation don’t use detergent cleaning brush into the water.

Three. After etching, the crystal shell needs material: all the things needed by the glass coating process. Art glass is glass crystal shell etching end brush clean after using adhesive bonding crystal shell and glass surface and directly bonded to the glass crystal shell on the surface of the glass, crystal baby patch operation, bubble or treatment, because the adhesive residue Jingbei area is small, but still can not be ignored as adhesive. That is to use detergent. Glass is also smooth. In addition Jingbei disadvantage is not good after completion of adhesive glue to remove, because the crystal thickness is high and the babe patch, Jingbei uneven thickness, is easy to burst, adhesion in three carefully, to prevent sticking fault causing unnecessary losses.

以上关于Art glass door products recommended以及Art glass door making process就简单介绍到这里了,希望对您有所帮助。更多资讯,尽在齐家网,敬请期待。

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