Are these statements true? 6 misunderstandings about household appliances radiation 0

Misunderstanding one: mobile phone only a grid of electricity radiation maximum?

Rumor: &ldquo, when the phone is only a grid of electricity or when charging, it is best not to call, saying that at this time the radiation is usually 1000 times. ”

Experts explain: usually people say that the strength of the mobile phone radiation refers to the power of mobile phones, that is, mobile phones emit voice and data signals carrying the power of electromagnetic waves. This intensity has nothing to do with the remaining power of the phone, but it has something to do with the strength of the phone’s signal.

Conclusion: rumors confuse the concept of cell phone &ldquo, one cell &rdquo, and “ one line signal ” cell phone radiation has nothing to do with electricity. The maximum amount of radiation in the first 3 seconds after the phone is connected, it is recommended to use the headset to make calls.

Misunderstanding two: hair dryer is a high radiation killer?

Rumor: “ radiation using a continuous three long high power electric blower cumulative amount equal to go to the hospital and get a X light. ”

Experts explain: for the radiation problem of various household appliances, we must first clarify the basic common sense: as long as the appliance is connected to the two ends of the voltage, there is electric field; as long as the current flowing through the electric current in the presence of a magnetic field will be around. Therefore, regardless of the size of the home appliance, whether it is a computer, television, microwave, or flashlight, as long as the relationship with the electricity, the use of more or less radiation will be radiated out of the electromagnetic field.

Hair dryer radiation belongs to the low-frequency electromagnetic field, although the intensity does not mean that than the high frequency electromagnetic field produced by microwave ovens, induction cooker is more dangerous. The X ray radiation mentioned in the electromagnetic radiation of household appliances and rumors is two different concepts. X light is an ionizing radiation, similar to nuclear radiation. Household appliances are ionizing radiation, the amount of radiation can not be converted, there is no comparability.

Conclusion: the radiation of hair dryer, shaver and other small electrical appliances is far from being alarmist. However, for long, close to the head, it is recommended that you do not use it too long. Hair dryer should be used for more than 20 minutes, the shaver should not be more than 3 minutes.

Myth three: WiFi radiation does great harm to human body

Rumor: saying that radiation can affect fetal development; also has long been saying that WiFi radiation can kill sperm, even damage male reproductive function … … even broke “ pregnant wife, the man asked a neighbor to disable WiFi&rdquo news.

Experts explained: WiFi electromagnetic radiation value decreases with the distance, the distance more than half a meter on the stability of less than 1 of the weak intensity, 1 meters outside the range of radiation is negligible. As long as no more than 12 volts \/ meter, all belong to the safe range value.

Conclusion: the radiation of WiFi emitter is very small, far below the maximum limit stipulated by the national standard, and gradually decreases with the range. The radiation value in the outer space of 1 meters and even outside the partition wall is very small. However, it is recommended that the WiFi transmitter be placed outside the range of 0.5 meters from the head of the bed. As much as possible, the power will be switched off when not in use.

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