Analysis of transformation trend of Chinese stone enterprises

With WeChat gradually involved in people’s lives, more and more people will gradually be inseparable from WeChat, and in this process, stone enterprises can not be separated from WeChat marketing. For a while, WeChat in the stone industry, and even the entire home industry which opened a “ WeChat marketing big drama ”. Stone industry as a relatively early development in the building materials industry, but also ushered in a new development during this period.
WeChat marketing favored by stone enterprises
Since the birth of WeChat in 2011, users have exceeded 900 million by November 2015. In the past three years, the enterprise public number has been 7 million registered, WeChat has become China’s largest instant messaging application tools, data show that today, mobile Internet shopping growth is 44 times the general online shopping. While WeChat was born, for the grassroots workers, retail brand online shopping network provides convenience for the stone industry, this is a rare opportunity, micro marketing will also bring new opportunities for the transformation of stone enterprises.
WeChat, with its privacy and sphere, has become the preferred channel of circle marketing. According to the relevant survey, concerned about WeChat public account users, 7% will consult, select news or interesting micro-blog content forwarded to “ circle of friends ” or “ micro-blog ” medium. Although WeChat marketing has enormous potential for development, but for stone enterprises, in the development of the occasion, it is necessary to consider the company’s own situation and then use. Insiders said, when the stone enterprises to make full use of WeChat marketing advantage, we should improve the information push mode, the readability of a good grasp of the information push frequency and information content, so that customers are interested in information by pushing information about stone enterprises.
Stone enterprise marketing should make full use of WeChat advantage
At the same time, stone enterprises want to build WeChat into communication with consumers, the audience “ &rdquo bridge;, we must clearly understand that WeChat is not just a marketing tool only, but also to put WeChat as a platform, &rdquo “ divergent first time; can let consumers understand the enterprise, let dealers understand the industry dynamics. In fact, marketing is not content, but content is marketing, stone enterprises can allow users to precipitation demand rigid, emotional resonance. Just pull the user, will do the content, will play a social, not a real master, master is from the user’s behavior is found in pain and itch, let their needs to settle down in the WeChat platform, the formation of rigid demand, this is the basic criterion of stone enterprise WeChat marketing.
According to statistics, although the characteristics of WeChat marketing indeed has the advantages of low cost fast dissemination of promotional information, but the stone in the enterprise practice, don’t take WeChat as an advertising transmitter only, and to become the customer management tools, maintain and manage customers “ &rdquo, the circle of friends; many advantages can really use WeChat means.

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