Analysis of localization strategy of mainstream LED lighting products in Southeast Asia

[LED] as the blue ocean of the development of the lighting industry, the Southeast Asian market is attracting more and more countries to enter. In order to successfully seize the market share of Southeast Asia, accurate and appropriate product strategy is an indispensable tool. According to different products and countries to formulate the corresponding product specifications and prices, the manufacturers to promote their own brands or for foundry opportunities have an important role in promoting.
    overall, compared with the mature market in Europe and America, Southeast Asia market is not high requirements for indoor LED product specifications and certification, such as the LED bulb needs more biased low lumen value, basic function, high quality products. As can be seen, at present, most of the demand for LED lighting products in Southeast Asia is still at the initial stage. However, for the main municipal engineering streetlights project, the product specifications and lighting effects have certain requirements. More stringent standards of government procurement, resulting in the quality of enterprise competition pressure, thereby enhancing the quality and performance of products. This article will analyze the product specifications and price positioning in Southeast Asia by using bulb bulbs, tubes and street lamps as representative products.
&emsp: &emsp: bulb lamp: market favors low brightness, cost-effective basic products
    LED bulb in the Southeast Asian market, especially in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, the market for the largest low lumen LED bulb (250~400lm), most of its life is 15000 hours, in addition to the Philips line and other international manufacturers to launch the dimming function products, local manufacturers in Southeast Asia less dimming products launched.
    in terms of pricing, Thailand has the lowest price; 350lm and 600LM have a USD1~6 price. Many international and local manufacturers have recently carried out a significant reduction in sales of LED bulb products, with the intention of expanding the market at a low price. Enterprises in the design of LED bulb specifications, in addition to grasp the difference between different countries, low lumen, cost-effective basic products are into the Southeast Asian market weapon.
    tube: 18W and 36W alternative products for the market mainstream
    Southeast Asia market LEDT8 lamp most, specifications for the replacement of 18W and 36W traditional tube products, first-line manufacturers product life is mostly 40000 hours. Price, Vietnam, Indonesia and Philippines product prices are significantly different, the other three countries with brand products pricing difference is smaller. As the commercial lighting continues to ferment, the market share of the LED lamp market, which replaces the traditional 18W and 36W tubes, will continue to expand in the Southeast Asian market.
    street lamps: standard oriented, high performance requirements
    60~240W LED street lamps for the Southeast Asian market most commonly used specifications; local manufacturers of products light efficiency is basically 100lm\/W, waterproof and dustproof grade at least IP65. The price of street lamps varies according to the type of project. Therefore, manufacturers should sign the case as the guide, and design products according to the requirements of the street lamp sign, so as to expand their market influence.
    product segmentation strategy; accurate identification of market demand
    above all, enterprises in the development of product planning, the first to distinguish between types of products, the market may differ greatly in specifications and price preferences of different products; secondly, to develop product positioning strategy according to the specific characteristics of the target country. In addition, for outdoor lamps such as street lamps, it is necessary to formulate different product specifications and prices on the basis of different project requirements. In addition, due to the Southeast Asian market is a tropical climate, hot and rainy throughout the year, manufacturers need to heat the product and waterproof function design on foot.
    in addition to product specifications, manufacturers should also according to different countries per capita income, electricity tariffs, tax rates, market structure and so on to product pricing. For example, Singapore’s per capita income is high, and its product prices are correspondingly higher; while Thailand, due to the local LED lighting manufacturers more, competition is more intense, so the price is low.

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