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I’m sure many friends think kitchen stove is easy to dirty and difficult to clean,. Well, what kind of material is good for kitchen range? Here are 6 common kitchen countertop materials. See which material meets your choice criteria.

1 marble
Marble is the kitchen stove material is relatively common, because of its high hardness, good wear resistance, even by some bumps in the kitchen is a metal kitchen never mind plus marble, fire resistance, pollution resistance is good, it has become the material of choice for many friends in the kitchen table. But because the marble paving the Middle some gaps in this easy to shelter evil people and countenance evil practices we need to pay attention to.
2, artificial stone
Although the artificial stone in the natural texture and color than natural marble, but it also has many advantages, such as wear resistance, acid resistance, high temperature, non porous surface, seamless paving, the surface is not easy to scratch and so on, these advantages are exactly in line with the kitchen stove tops the requirements, so it has become the artificial stone the kitchen stove materials used.

3, stainless steel
What are the main advantages of stainless steel material? I believe many of my friends will answer “ &rdquo, easy cleaning; yes, this is the biggest advantage of stainless steel materials, very suitable for “ &rdquo lazy; use, if you are not too love friends then wipe the stove, stainless steel material is quite suitable for you, as long as to avoid scratches on the surface can be used in the process, otherwise it will affect the appearance.
4 Glass
Kitchen stove glass material refers to not everyone in the impression of ordinary glass, but refers to high temperature resistant explosion-proof glass, but its safety is still a little bit worse than stone and stainless steel.

5. Fireproof board
Rich style, bright colors of the fire board in recent years has also been some friend’s preference, because it also has good fireproof, moisture-proof, anti oil, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistant and easy to clean up the advantages, so naturally by everybody as materials used in the kitchen stove. But we should also know that the quality of the interior of the fire board will affect its service life, so when you buy, you should pay attention to.
6, wood
Although the kitchen stove made of solid wood material is better in heat resistance, antifouling and beauty, but because of the high price of wood, it is generally not recommended.
Kitchen stove with what material better? See the above 6 big material advantages and disadvantages, I believe you already have the answer. Choose the most suitable material for your kitchen and hearth to make your family safe to use and easy to use.

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