Aluminum alloy doors and windows industry will usher in what development opportunities?

For the entire home industry, the previous year has undoubtedly undergone a major test, many enterprises are even facing problems of life and death. In the context of rising demand for environmental protection, China’s aluminum alloy doors and windows enterprises have to face the plight of decline in orders. 2016, the first quarter has passed, then, the aluminum alloy doors and windows industry will usher in what development opportunities?
In fact, in 2016, China’s aluminum alloy doors and windows industry this year there will be three major opportunities for development, that is:
First, shantytowns housing reform
At present, there are 100 million urban slum dwellers. The country is expected to complete the 15 million housing renovation by 2017, which will be a great opportunity for the aluminum alloy doors and windows market.
Two, urbanization brings new markets
China’s city construction has reached 50%, but 750 million of the population living in the city, there are 250 million migrant workers have not the city, this group of people joined the city, in terms of the Aluminum Alloy doors and windows industry is a potential market.
Three, two children policy to promote children’s furniture market
The increase of population, will promote the rise in consumer demand in the future Aluminum Alloy and 80, 90 after entering the peak period of marriage, the Aluminum Alloy windows and doors consumption spawned a new demand to 2020 the income of urban and rural residents more than doubled in 2010, which will stimulate new consumer power, driven by the Aluminum Alloy doors and windows products continue to sell.
Although there is a good policy of Pro gaze, for aluminum alloy doors and windows enterprises, relying on the Internet and good policy development is not the best way. “ the Internet is just a tool, a sales channel, and want to break through when the market is not booming, not just the internet. ” “ industry, the key is to rely on their own products, if you imagine that, by copying can obtain the performance, it is difficult to obtain, last year is still more than two digit growth in the enterprise, have spent a lot of effort in product design, product quality. ”
About 2016 aluminum alloy doors and windows enterprise development, we must first adhere to the transformation and upgrading. The development of the enterprise to win, we must through science and technology innovation, product innovation, marketing innovation, enhance the core competitiveness of the brand, enhance brand value, expand the brand influence, and promote stable and healthy development of the enterprise brand.
Secondly, we should continue to improve the management level. A high degree of integration of Aluminum Alloy doors and windows enterprise managers to gradually realize industrialization and informationization, the application of modern information technology, the management system, the use of specialized production, using modern technology to transform traditional industries, and implement the concept of energy saving and emission reduction, reduce resource consumption, improve resource utilization.
In addition, we should strengthen the concentration of the industry. To adjust the industrial structure in Aluminum Alloy doors and windows industry solutions, product homogeneity serious, in different places to set up factories, through mergers and reorganization among enterprises, enhance the industry concentration, the elimination of poor product quality, low operation efficiency of the backward production capacity in addition to continue to export unswervingly, enhance the level of China’s Aluminum Alloy doors and windows market and.

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