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Lightweight wall materials are different in price, noise performance, wall loading, hanging capacity, fire protection, waterproof and so on. The overall light is much lighter than the general wall, lightweight wall materials have many advantages, the following small simple introduction of the advantages of lightweight wall materials.

1, sound insulation performance: according to the wall thickness and different surface treatments, new wall sound 40-50 dB, and there is a lot of small pores, which also has the dual properties of the sound insulation and sound absorption;

2, green environmental protection: because the product does not use soil, does not use the energy consumption, and conforms to “the construction material radioactivity limits” standard, belongs to the green environmental protection material;

3, fire performance: raw materials are inorganic, never burning. The experimental results show that GRC material is ideal fireproof material, and the refractory capability of 12cm thick wall can reach more than 4 hours. As a result, products are widely used as firewalls;

4, economy: from an economic perspective, the filling wall for the partition wall frame structure, compared with the hollow brick, sandwich plate, the total cost can be saved about 20%;

5, high strength: as a result of adding the size of anti-corrosion short fiber as the framework, the slurry hardened and fiber into one, greatly increased the partition wall bending resistance, impact resistance;

6, convenient construction: light wallboard for plate installation, with advanced science, so there is no need of reinforcement in the construction, no structural columns, without lintels, without the window frame installation of concrete bricks, solves the complicated process in the construction of the bricks, saving cost. The utility model can be nailed and can be chiseled, and the utility model is convenient for water, wire pipe embedment, door and window installation and node processing;

7, high labor efficiency: factory prefabricated, on-site assembly, construction speed, greatly improve labor efficiency;

8, heat preservation: mixed material to add vacuum bubble, increase insulation, thermal insulation, to meet the requirements of energy-saving residential insulation;

9, seismic effect is good: low modulus of elasticity, shock absorption speed, seismic level can reach 8;

10, buried line pipe is convenient: the scientific production process to make products with high precision, accurate and easy processing, sewing, cutting saw, chisel trough etc.. Change the difficult situation of brick thread embedding in the past;

11, high strength: the use of screw extrusion production, so the strength is higher, plus the plate connection using concave convex groove way to connect, so the overall load can reach or even more than the strength of ordinary brick masonry;

12. Impermeability: the inner hole of the product has an independent closed hole, which can effectively prevent water diffusion;

13, light quality: products with special raw materials matching, so it can float on the water surface;

14, site cleaning: light partition board without plastering, avoid wet operation, the overall effect is good, less produce construction waste, can keep site civilized and clean. Conforms to the national policy and conforms to the world development tendency.

15, no paint: light wallboard because of its high accuracy, do not need to use a large number of cement mortar paint, so in raw materials, labor cost and construction time can achieve saving effect;

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