Advantages and disadvantages of joining and selling in the cabinet industry

Generally speaking, in the ambry profession, the enterprise’s city expansion pattern divides into two kinds mainly: joins or goes straight. Whether the platform model, or vertical mode, or platform + vertical model, in the urban market expansion, many tricks. So, what is the direct mode advantage, or join the model more powerful? Of course it is not either this or that problem, need objective analysis, is best suited to their own.
What are the advantages of joining the model?
High speed, low cost, reproducible, fast staking, seize market share. Direct relative difficulty is too large, will be to management, large companies through precipitation are eligible; good cash flow, market development period and low cost, to a certain extent can return the funds (jiamengfei or zhibaojin) substantial cash flow allocation; market risk, market risk and join the team together; the integration of high quality resources if there is strength, the market can attract high-quality resources; attract capital into: big data and scale, improve the valuation in the capital markets, to attract more capital into the.
A good franchise model, you can quickly complete the layout with various resources and risk diversification, to a certain amount can attract large funds to enter, at this time the gameplay is not the same. Small risk business, the most interesting, the industry as capital operation, because the platform has cash flow, the platform is not profitable, the capital market profit is also good.
Challenge from joining
Franchise model is also more obvious shortcomings, in addition to reserve enough profits enough to allocate, can long. The risk of low margin, if not higher returns support franchisee, franchisee into service or labor, this nature will not join a long time; a single product model challenge, a single product model leads to the franchisee can play space is too small, want to go to other business interests by the possibility of small brands or completely with the subject the main separation, indiscriminate use the brand of the main company harm; sustainable benefit support, continuous for customers and profit, after making money, the franchisee will consider service and reputation. Most of the franchisee or the pursuit of immediate interests, or short-term interests, not just to make money for yourselves who can not stand, finally may have to disband; once the money, increase the intermediate links virtually, improve the user cost.
In fact, many joining way is like contracting system branch mode, with the interests of partners bound, risk sharing, this development is very fast progress. However, there are other models to join the actual risk bearer is a partner, which is a clever layout model, of course, made will benefit.
What are the advantages of the direct marketing model?
In fact, any pattern lies in the redistribution of interests. The direct business model of the cabinet enterprise has improved the operation efficiency to a certain extent. To reduce the product cost and benefit distribution links such as cut middlemen, less redundant expenses, to a certain extent reduce the cost of users; easy process control, system construction and requirements of the cabinet corporate headquarters in the implementation of what no resistance in ground services are easier to control, better reputation and service has been implemented; keep step with forward. In the development of enterprises can maximize the formation force, while the franchisee once had other ideas, is the internal friction; Government affairs are disordered., carry the dead hard to carry forward, if the company has ambitions, market investment period will boil for a long time, the market will play a deep penetration, may go to the end of the harvest. Sustainable development; full of potential, because the system, processes are controlled, pre up slowly, but once from 0 to 1, from 1 to 10 will run more robust.
Challenges from the direct Battalion
The large initial investment, high operating costs, the line is very heavy, and during the time not too many city, will be relatively slow; capital chain pressure, more of the capital chain and cash flow test, market development investment will have to bear, but if the market is steady, and the new headquarters the city started a single volume of cash flow is good, can support; finding the right person to branch general manager to find suitable candidates, one must know too much, actually, this is more difficult compared to join. Because the people have to do and have the ability to do the two elements of this matter, and the franchisee itself has done certain things, such as money or the choice of the transformation, the role of the early people find only one occupation managers.
In short, whether to join or direct, must establish the internal driving force, and in the expansion of the road will be standardized, transparent, planning, high quality products from the construction quality, floor service, user experience to fully implement the following, so that users can really perceive reliable products and better quality cabinets the service.

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