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The term acrylic varnish, most of our friends have not heard, but more is that we are not familiar with the things the more we should understand, it can be acrylic varnish drying at room temperature, with good weatherability, light resistance, heat resistance, mildew resistance and adhesion, but relatively poor gasoline resistance. Suitable for spraying anodized aluminum alloy surface. Used as a sealant in wood coating, coating hard light, insulation, quick drying, hot water with easy white, good adhesion, mainly applied to wood, furniture etc.. It is not suitable for objects affected by moisture or heat. Now let’s take a look at what harm acrylic varnishes do to people.

What is acrylic varnish?

Acrylic varnish is mainly composed of acrylic resin, adding a part of toluene, butyl, xylene. The toluene, xylene, butyl we know some toxic substances, they have accounted for nearly 20% of the proportion, therefore, harmful substances acrylic varnish or more, such as paint, in the end what is the use of.

Acrylic varnish

Acrylic varnish is a kind of two component paint cured at normal temperature. It has excellent mechanical properties, high gloss and hardness, and good weatherability. The paint includes acrylic gloss varnish and matte varnish two varieties.

Manufacturer parameter

Packing: 18 kg kg 3.6 paint curing agent;

Color: colorless and transparent, light, matte;

Dosage: in fact, according to 7-8 square meters \/ kg, 25&mu, m dry film thickness calculation;

Apply: acrylic polyurethane enamel paint, metal finishing;

Price: according to a quantitative, gloss and other comprehensive bargaining.

Acrylic varnish composition

The paint is made up of a mixture of hydroxy acrylic resin and assistant. For two-component coatings. Curing agent is aliphatic isocyanate.

Comparison of acrylic varnishes and other varnishes

Acrylic varnish is faster than alkyd varnish. It is resistant to yellowing and resistant to pulverization.

Acrylic varnish is slower than nitrocellulose varnish, it has yellow change resistance and powder resistance. It has high film forming thickness at one time, and its film is bright and full.

Acrylic varnish in terms of chemical, flat, solvent resistance, abrasion resistance and other properties due to alkyd varnish and nitrocellulose varnish.

Acrylic paint range

Apply to car topcoat, agricultural vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles and plastic surface coating. The lower coating is polyurethane finish, epoxy topcoat, acrylic finish, chlorinated rubber paint, etc.. Not suitable for alkyd paint, nitrocellulose lacquer surface. It can also be applied directly to the surface of steel and glass fiber reinforced plastics.

Acrylic paint construction process

1, barrel mixing: after opening the bucket, the paint completely stirred to the bottom of the barrel, no sediment, no color difference can be coated.

2, surface treatment requirements: coating metal surface, keep the surface dry, no oil, dust and other foreign matter, and painted within 4 hours.

When coated with other paint surfaces, the same paint (acrylic polyurethane paint) coating interval 4 hours, other types of paint, painting interval of 24 hours. Requires no dust or foreign matter on the surface.

3, mixing ratio: weight ratio 5 (base material): 1 (curing agent).

4, coating method: airless spraying, air spraying, brushing can be painted.

5, diluent dosage: according to the construction situation can be appropriate to add special diluent, dosage is 5 ~ 15%.

6, the last finish painting, after the completion of the natural curing, 7 days before they can be put into use. If the ambient temperature is lower than 10 degrees, it should be extended appropriately.

Shipping Package

1, in accordance with general chemical transport. Store in a cool, dry, sealed place. Shelf life of 12 months, expired, subject to inspection, can continue to use.

Use of acrylic varnishes

Acrylic varnishes are generally used in outdoor conditions because they have very good weather resistance and heat resistance and are very light resistant. Are generally placed on the surface of Aluminum Alloy, sometimes used as a wood paint sealant. Even some bad manufacturers use it for furniture and paint.

The dangers of acrylic varnish

In order to increase the furniture surface gloss, many businesses have used it to make furniture paint, it is absolutely essential, following small series to introduce the harm of acrylic varnish coatings.

Harm one:

When the acrylic varnish is particularly easy to encounter fire burning, steam generated during combustion will cause headache, dizziness, excitement and other symptoms, so when we store the acrylic varnish must be careful, once happened, things end should be immediately to the hospital.

Hazard two:

If you use acrylic varnish for furniture coatings, although does not have such serious consequences, but in the short term, if the long-term use of this kind of furniture, will seriously stimulate people’s eyes, the visual acuity tends to affect people, which brings inconvenience to people’s daily life.

Acrylic varnish price

Product 1, water soluble acrylic resin varnish

Acrylic varnish price:¥20

Products 2 and 115 acrylic exterior varnish

Acrylic varnish price:¥300

Products 3, 2K acrylic cover varnish

Acrylic varnish price:¥36

4, Canglang licensing acrylic polyurethane varnish

Acrylic varnish price:¥320

5, Lucky Brand since the dry acrylic varnish

Acrylic varnish price:¥377

Products 6, color licensing of high hardness acrylic transparent varnish

Acrylic varnish price:¥56

Note: this price is for reference only! Due to the different regions, of course, the price will vary. For more information about the price, please refer to the local distributor!

Edit summary: the above is the difference between acrylic varnish varnish and other warm reminder: the introduction Home Furnishing environmental health is the most important, although acrylic varnish will bring so much harm to human body, but it is always for our life made many contributions, to find new products can replace it before, we still it can not be eliminated. In order to make our life safe, we must choose carefully when we buy furniture.

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