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Bathroom decoration, as large as bathtubs, toilets, bathroom cabinets, etc., small to the head, sprinkler, floor drain, etc., are indispensable to build comfortable bathroom building materials. People tend to overlook the selection of bathroom hardware, and need to know that without the assistance of these hardware accessories, it is impossible to create a comfortable bathroom space. Here, with the small series together to see what common bathroom hardware accessories, what should pay attention to when buying? How should the daily maintenance?

Part1: bathroom hardware products, buy more ways to understand first

Bathroom hardware products used in fact very much, regardless of whether bathtubs, toilets, bathroom cabinets and other products to carry their own hardware, that is, to buy a separate hardware is also very much. Let’s take a look at it.

First, bathroom hardware categories

Bathroom hardware, there are common faucets, sprinkler, floor drain, sewer, hose, valve, towel rack, shelf, mirror and so on.

Two, bathroom hardware materials classification

Three, bathroom hardware generally buy methods

1, look at the hardware material

Bathroom hardware has a variety of materials, of which pure copper casting products are often closely structured, hand weighing, in addition to emphasis on similar products outside, and feel really strong and durable.

2, see hardware coating

The standard plating layer not only can make the surface of the product fine and even, but also can avoid oxidation and rust in the humid environment. Use the eye to see the surface of the pendant. If the surface is free of foam and the coating is even, you can choose.

3, look at the hardware process

Through the strict process standards of processed products, often after machining, polishing, welding, inspection of complex products, not only beautiful appearance, good service performance, and feel good, smooth and uniform without blemish.

Part2: comfortable bathroom, sanitary ware, hose, angle valve

Bathroom hardware accessories are varied, and in order to meet the personalized needs of modern people, there have been many new hardware fittings. Therefore, here is not introduced. Introduce some commonly used bathroom hardware. The first to see the bathroom installation of water and water on the important hardware fittings, namely, launching device, hose, angle valve.

First, sanitary ware launching and purchasing

The launching device is a drain device for bathtub, basin, etc.. There are two kinds of jumping spring, launching and clamshell launching. Spring water is of obvious advantages, play fast, convenient, and easy to clean; easy to flip into the plug, open drain more strenuous, but life is generally flip into jumping long.

Launching device selection: the launching device, in addition to considering the bounce or flip, still needs to be chosen according to the style of the basin. If the basin itself is overflowing with water holes, then the sewer with the overflow water will be purchased, otherwise it will not be used. In addition, the material of the water heater is made of copper, stainless steel, plastic and other materials. When purchasing, it combines the material characteristics and the price to choose.

Two, bathroom hose selection

Hose is used for connecting purposes, mainly used for water pipes and water heaters, toilets, shower, faucets, water tanks and other water appliances in the middle of the connection. The hose according to the shape of the processing mode is divided into several braided hose, hose, rubber hose, corrugated hose etc..

Hose purchase method: when consumers buy according to the use of occasions, the actual installation size of the purchase; try to buy in regular stores, supermarkets, the product quality is guaranteed; should be a connecting nut, core use copper or stainless steel tube; selection of fabric, watch the weaving effect of the tube body, not jump off, overlapping yarn the weave pattern of interwoven, higher density.

Three, bathroom angle valve purchase

Angle valve is also called triangle valve, angle valve. This is because the pipe has an angled corner shape at the angle valve, so it is called an angle valve. Angle valve is the main function of the transfer within the nozzle out, in addition, the water pressure is too large, can be adjusted in the triangle valve. At the same time, if the leading Water Leakage like, may put the triangle valve off, not the total valve closed in the home.

Angle valve purchase method: in light of the circumstances, can be placed in the hands of the angle valve straight after the observation, the surface should be black as a mirror, no spots, no signs of burning oxidation; and see no pores, no bubble, no leakage, uniform color plating; touch no burr, sand.

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