A Survey of Guizhou Mineral Resources

Guizhou is one of the major mineral resources.
Its mineral resources are widely distributed, more minerals, mineralization geological conditions are good, has been found 122 kinds of mineral resources, deposits, mining more than 3,000 points.
Has proven reserves of 76 species, 1481 places of origin.
Of which 40 kinds of reserves in the top 10, there are 21 kinds of l to 3.
Non-ferrous metals and precious metals have been found and proven minerals are mercury, aluminum, antimony, lead, zinc, copper, tungsten, molybdenum, vanadium, magnesium, gold, silver, one of the top ten non-ferrous metal producing areas.
Mercury, aluminum, phosphorus, coal, antimony mineral resources, prominent position in the country, in the industry has long been “five Golden Flower” reputation.
Mineral resources advantages: Guizhou’s mineral resources in the country dominant position, there are aluminum, phosphorus, coal, manganese, barite, gold, lead, zinc, antimony and many other varieties.
(1) Coal resources. The coal resources of the People ‘s Republic of China.
Guizhou is rich in coal resources, is the establishment of a regional energy base one of the main resources.
Guizhou has proven reserves of 52.396 billion t, ranking fifth in the country, the total amount of more than Jiangnan 11 provinces and more 2.4 billion t, and the development and utilization of low, reserve reserves, the province’s long-term reserves up to
241.9 billion t.
In 2004, the province’s coal production was 9,756.62 million t, 2005 coal production plan for 100 million t.
Guizhou coal seam is also rich in coalbed methane.
“Water and fire mutual economic power supply structure and a good foundation for the development of the province in the implementation of the” West to East “strategy has a unique advantage.
Coking coal reserves, accounting for 21.8% of the national reserves, is the main resource of China’s southern metallurgical coke.
The distribution of coal resources is relatively concentrated, the distribution of coal is also relatively concentrated, has formed a characteristic of the advantages of energy for the construction of different nature of the coal production base.
Liupanshui coal field, mainly coking coal, is an important coking coal base south of the Yangtze River.
The weaving coal is anthracite, the coal is single, it has the characteristics of high heat, low sulfur content and good thermal stability. It is a good chemical coal and gasification coal for the construction of high quality anthracite base.

Guizhou coal resources are characterized by large reserves, coal all, buried shallow, low sulfur, a good combination.
Guizhou coal resources have the following four advantages: the first is the number of advantages.
Coking coal more than 100 billion t, is the province and Yunnan, Hunan, Guangxi, Guangdong and other places large-scale smelting enterprises with the main origin of coke; non-coking coal nearly 40 billion t, is the province and the surrounding provinces and autonomous regions,
Key Coal Source for Power Coal.
The second is the location of the advantages.
Guizhou is located in the southwest of China’s southwestern region, and southeast, south near, which will help the coal resources to the lack of coal in some provinces in southern China, to ease the “North Coal South” pressure.
The third is the relative concentration of reserves and species distribution and has the number and quality advantages.
Such as Liupanshui coal proved reserves of 13.9 billion t, of which 8.9 billion tons of coking coal; Xunyan coal proved reserves of 15.4 billion t, mainly anthracite, Jiangnan is the largest anthracite base.
The fourth is the coal-bearing rock system buried shallow, conducive to the development, construction period is short, low investment costs.

(2) aluminum ore.
Guizhou bauxite concentrated distribution in Guizhou, Guizhou two large area, has proven reserves of 413 million t, reserves of 395 million t, accounting for one-fifth of the country.
At present, Guizhou is mainly mining Guizhou Province in the area of ​​aluminum to meet the needs of Guizhou aluminum production.
Resource-rich northern Guizhou bauxite area, has completed part of the exploration, for the design of mining.
In the future for a long period of time, Guizhou aluminum resources advantages in the country is very obvious.
(3) Phosphate rock (11).
Guizhou is the largest province of phosphate rock in China, accounting for 43% of the total amount of the country, proven reserves of 2.687 billion tons, reserves of 2.561 billion tons, accounting for 16.8% of the country, ranking second, of which a grade of rich ore reserves of 527 million t
, Accounting for 45% of the national phosphate rock reserves.
Guizhou Kaiyang phosphate, Wengfu phosphate are well-known at home and abroad of the large rich areas, of which Kaiyang phosphate ore rich total, accounting for a quarter of the country.
Guizhou has built the most important phosphate rock and phosphorus chemical industry base, has long been more than 20 provinces (cities, districts) to provide quality products, the development of China’s fertilizer industry is very important
(4) gold mine.
The province has identified the gold reserves in more than 150t, ranking the 12th, is China’s emerging gold production base.
Guizhou is the first time found in the country, “Carlin type”, “red clay” gold mine proved the largest reserves of the provinces.
Has been found in the deposit, mining more than 40 points.
Gold industry prospect reserves, up to 500t or more.
(5) manganese ore (11).
Guizhou manganese ore proven reserves of 90.54 million t, reserves of 71.81 million t, ranking third in the country, accounting for 15% of the total.
The province has 16 counties and cities found manganese resources, of which the most concentrated in Zunyi City, its reserves accounted for one-half of the province, Tongluo mining area for the domestic large-scale mining area, reserves of 30 million t.
With abundant manganese resources as the basis, Guizhou has been built in Zunyi China’s largest manganese-based ferroalloy production base.

(6) Barite.
Guizhou barite is rich in resources, widely distributed, retaining reserves of 123 million t, accounting for 30% of the total.
For a long time, Guizhou is one of the important bases for the production and export of barite in China.
In recent years, Shandong Province, Qingdao Red Star Chemical Group to Guizhou barite resources as the basis, the completion of the mine and processing plants to produce barium carbonate products, a large number of access to international markets.
In terms of Guizhou Province, the current mining reserves, less than a quarter of the total, barite is Guizhou has obvious advantages of mineral resources.
In addition, Guizhou antimony has proven reserves of 492,000 t, reserves of 245,100 tons, ranking fourth in the country.
Has been proven ferrous metals are iron, vanadium, titanium and other species.
There are 26 kinds of building materials and other nonmetallic minerals, including crystal, asbestos, gypsum, calcite, carbon rock, sandstone, quartz, shale, kaolin, ceramic soil, clay, diabase, marble and so on.
Found that the chemical ore such as pyrite, calcium carbide with limestone, dolomite, silica, arsenic, etc., also occupies a more important position in the country.
Other top mineral resources in the country, as well as mercury, chemical sandstone, metallurgical sandstone, finishes with diabase, brick and sandstone.
Rare disperse elements are niobium, tantalum, germanium, gallium, indium, nickel, rhenium, selenium.
Heavy rare earth metal ore also found.

The province’s various mineral reserves of the potential economic value of the total, estimated at 3 trillion yuan (RMB, the same below) or more.
Per capita possession of mineral value of more than 80,000 yuan, land area of ​​up to 1700 million, both higher than the national average.

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