A simple, efficient and reliable power supply for the distributed power supply

The emergence of the Internet +, make our life more convenient. Computers not only improve our work efficiency, but also bring convenience to our lives, we can not go out to enjoy the fun of shopping. In particular, hospitals, banks and other large enterprises have established a database, which is the data center. There is no need to say that I do not know how important information, if encountered problems, the consequences are very serious. This time you need to stabilize the data center, the data center is the most worried about the power problem, like a computer, as soon as the consequences of the power can be trouble, all of this room power supply must be stable.

Distributed power supply is designed for the end of the HUAWEI site for a new generation of distributed power supply solutions, mainly used in Easy Macro, SmallCell, room RRU, outdoor RRU AC and DC power supply for the scene. Support pole, hanging wall, the tower installation, and Blade RRU/BBU assembly, and HUAWEI main equipment network management, easy to install, easy to expand, free routine maintenance, etc..
Distributed power system consists of three modules, which can be configured flexibly. And telecom power systems safety is very simple, a person 10 minutes to fix and support modular expansion, compatible with AC and HVDC input; proximal APP mobile phone, free tower maintenance, support intelligent network management, support with internal / external transmission.

More importantly, the efficiency is very high, is the industry leader.
And HUAWEI distributed power is very practical, the use of fan design, high-performance lithium batteries, 3-5 free routine maintenance. This gives the number of IT workers to bring the gospel, no longer have to worry about a sudden blackout rescue data.

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