7 tips for radiation protection during pregnancy are healthier for pregnant women and babies 0

1, use the computer to have degrees

Pregnant mother is best to use less computer, and the distance from the screen to maintain 60 cm as well, it is best to wear special anti radiation clothing for pregnant women, or to the computer plus anti radiation screen. Switch the monitor to a liquid crystal display or switch to a laptop as much as possible. The location of the computer is also important, as far as possible not to allow the back of the screen toward someone’s place, because the most powerful computer radiation is the back, followed by the left and right sides, but the screen is weak radiation.

2. Shorten the time for watching TV

Pregnant women watch TV every day should be controlled within two hours, the distance from TV as far as possible. At the same time, to reduce the standby time, when the TV stop using, it is best not to let it stay in standby for a long time, because at this time can produce a weak electromagnetic field, a long time will also generate radiation accumulation.

3, use mobile phones should pay attention to

You’d better keep your cell phone 3 meters away from your body, especially on your stomach. When you charge your cell phone, don’t get too close to it. You’d better switch off the charge. Mobile phone in the instant and charging when the call, the release of electromagnetic radiation is the largest, so it is best to answer the phone after one or two seconds to answer the phone. Do not answer the phone when charging.

4 avoid using electric blanket

Pregnant women should also pay attention to another source of radiation, which is an electric blanket. Many pregnant mothers because of cold, so in winter often long time use electric blanket, want to know, this is also one of the very serious radiation appliances. The electric blanket, will produce enough to harm your baby’s health and electromagnetic wave, electric blanket more heat and the longer the time, affecting the central nervous system of the birth of the baby is greater, even may cause malformation.

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