Furniture dealers should be independent commercial brands with brand power

[] when we went to the market and dealers to chat with friends, many dealers friends will react, now more and more business is done, from sales, warehousing, funds, personnel, and even the Internet terminal channel cost pressure is growing more and more, many dealers and even felt a little short of breath gas er.One […]

Embedded kitchen video game customization? How can I get to the road?

[with] soaring house prices, Limited kitchen space is especially valuable to consumers. How to optimize the use of kitchen space, reasonable arrangements for kitchen appliances, kitchen reform has become a new topic, but will “ stealth ” embedded kitchen power has become an effective way to solve this problem.Embedded kitchen appliances is not only a […]

Smart bathroom competition hot market norms, the relevant standards is the key

[] since intelligent products, all walks of life began to develop intelligent products accordingly, berserk cover from the intelligent toilet before the event can be learned by attention to smart bathroom in the ordinary people before. However, the emergence of intelligent products, it also represents a series of intelligent areas related to the implementation of […]

New deal opportunities in the property market, bathroom seize opportunities for development

[] the market frequently introduced the new deal, NPC and CPPCC, in the fresh air to under the guidance of country have joined the “ the policies applied by the city of ” the ranks of Shanghai, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Nanjing, Langfang and other places, different degree of tightening policy, curb property temperature rise too fast; […]

What are the problems in ceramic sanitary ware industry?

[] ceramic sanitary ware industry in China’s national economy occupies an important seat, ceramic sanitary ware production has consecutive years ranked first in the world, however, in the ceramic sanitary industry growing at the same time, China ceramic sanitary ware industry is becoming a serious problem.Uneven distribution of industries, uneven production areas, imbalance between production […]

Wooden door enterprise, development, operation, management method

[wooden doors] enterprises to survive and develop, we must do a good job management. Management is not arbitrary, but the need for a scientific and systematic program. Here to send you a complete set of operational management methods to avoid your wooden doors less detours!First, the strategic system is the key“The art of war” was […]

The “surface” of the investment world looks deceptively simple

It is natural for untrained investors to gravitate toward “story” stocks because the “story” tends to provide an aura of rationality and competence to a decision based on inadequate information and hope. The “story” helps such investors believe that their actions are intelligent and wise. There is nothing wrong with this. We all want to […]